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Mobile Advertising Myths That Are Holding Performance Marketers Back

Andrey Kazakov
Oct 12, 2023

In today’s ever-evolving digital landscape, app marketers face the challenge of navigating a myriad of options to accelerate their growth. Finding the right media mix, adapting to changing user behaviors, and harnessing the power of technology are crucial components of a successful growth strategy. 

In this article, we’ll explore common myths about mobile advertising for non-gaming app marketers and how they limit growth, and what you can do to capture more high-value users from your performance marketing campaigns.

Myth 1: Only social media and search are necessary for performance marketing success.

While the reach of social media and high-intent channels is vast, limiting your growth strategy to these will stunt your business growth. In fact, a recent Digiday survey shows that there are fewer agencies (-61% Y/Y) buying ads on Meta’s platforms this year, which highlights the decreasing ROI advertisers are seeing in these channels.  By not incorporating mobile apps into your channel mix, you are missing out on reaching users who engage beyond social platforms.

It’s worth noting that 65% of companies increased their mobile ad budgets compared to 2022 and are attributing this investment to towards their ability to effectively bring in new users, secure high-quality user acquisitions, and improve ROAS.

AI also plays a key role in amplifying performance campaigns when combined with meaningful network reach. Platforms that use AI-based targeting driven by down-funnel data (user transactions, product interactions, etc.) are vital for connecting with high-value users and delivering performance at scale. Working with partners like AppLovin — which hosts a network of over 2B mobile devices — can provide the necessary scale required to deliver true growth and makes mobile the natural choice for expanding beyond the social + search portfolio.

Learn how Headway scaled subscription volume by 5x in the first month by expanding their performance campaigns beyond social with AppDiscovery.

Myth 2: Testing mobile as part of my channel mix is complex and costly.

87% of smartphone users spend their mobile time on apps. Revenue generated by apps is set to hit nearly $950 billion in 2023. This means mobile is no longer just an option; it’s a necessity for performance marketing.. But don’t worry; incorporating mobile into your campaigns doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. 

First, it’s important that marketing teams understand that larger, well-established partners often offer economies of scale, making them easier and more efficient to work with, while smaller partners may demand greater operational lift relative to the dollars invested. This results in performance campaigns that deliver higher ROAS with less manual oversight, which is key when considering testing mobile as part of your channel mix.

Partners harnessing the power of AI-based advertising also enable you to reach the right customers for your business at the right time using predictive analytics. This allows campaigns to hit goals within a few days of launch, with better accuracy, on a global scale – without the need for manual optimizations. Moreover, the requirements to train the AI models and start achieving success are less demanding, reducing the costs associated with testing mobile advertising.

The right partner will also take an active role in creative production of ads that depict the advertiser’s product in the best way to drive conversions. 

AppLovin can provide a simplified path towards accelerated growth — our latest AI techniques/advancements enable advertisers to achieve exponentially better results with better pricing and incremental reach. App marketers have all the more reason to pause and reevaluate their marketing mix as increased automation is unlocking the ability for them to reinvest back intro growth because they are hitting their goals faster.

Ready to debunk these myths yourself? Discover how AppLovin is driving performance at scale for app businesses with our AI-based ad engine, AppDiscovery, and in-house creative team, SparkLabs.

Contact us or reach out to your account representative for more information.

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