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PeopleFun Celebrates 10 Years of Exceptional Growth, Plus Wordscapes Turns 4!

Claire Tak
Jun 14, 2021

The team at PeopleFun has a lot to smile about. The Dallas-based studio recently opened their brand new headquarters, and some employees have started to return to the office. Like many other companies, PeopleFun’s team had been working remotely over the last year. 

On their first day in the new office, the team was welcomed with delicious meals for breakfast and lunch.

The evolution of PeopleFun

PeopleFun was started 10 years ago, with CEO Tony Goodman at the forefront. Tony is a gamer at heart and prior to PeopleFun, he founded Ensemble Studios, developing the cult classic, Age of Empires. He later sold the company to Microsoft. 

Shortly after, Tony launched PeopleFun, venturing into the casual gaming space to appeal to a broader audience. His previous studio focused mostly on making mid-core and AAA games. 

Wordscapes celebrates their fourth anniversary

PeopleFun proves that even in today’s competitive mobile space, you can make a casual game with staying power. Wordscapes (iOS | Android) is one of the world’s most popular word games, with a loyal and engaged fanbase. 

The hit game turns four, and over the years, we’ve shared how the team continues to redefine the game to keep their players engaged while continuing to attract new ones. 

In addition to Wordscapes, PeopleFun created a number of hit games, including Word Stacks, Word Chums and Wordscapes in Bloom

Using AppLovin’s Growth Software to scale 

Part of the growth and longevity for Wordscapes comes from AppLovin’s Growth Suite, which helped the team monetize, scale their UA, and improve their ad creatives with SparkLabs, AppLovin’s in-house creative team. 

With AppLovin’s machine learning software, PeopleFun was able to accurately and efficiently scale their UA. They targeted the right users who would likely engage with their events and features while being able to quickly align their UA and ad monetization with product changes. 

PeopleFun saved time and energy that would have otherwise been spent focusing on their UA or monetization strategy. AppLovin enabled them to do what they do best, which is to continue making great games and innovating existing ones. 

What’s the best thing about working at PeopleFun? 

We spoke to a few people on the Wordscapes team and asked what they enjoyed most about working at PeopleFun: 

PeopleFun data analyst Akash works from his at-home office.

“The best thing about working on Wordscapes is all the robust in-game features like the sticker collection events.”—Akash Hingu, Data Analyst

“The freedom to be creative and work on a team with other skilled, motivated, and highly creative people.”—Jim Abraham, Principal Artist

“The way in which gameplay, art, and audio work together to create an immersive but relaxing, zen experience.”—George Vlad, Sound Designer 

PeopleFun is hiring

PeopleFun is continuing to grow and is looking for talented people to join their team. 

Read about Neal’s experience—he was recently promoted from Lead Product Manager to Director of Product Management, and find out what opportunities are open!

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