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UA Growth Hacks: Leveraging AI for Performance Campaigns

Feb 13, 2024

There’s no way around it: If you want to drive successful user acquisition performance campaigns, you have to be able to improvise, adapt, and overcome. Well, to an extent, at least. Because there are some tried and true moves you should make to see success in your UA growth campaigns.

With AI having become a solid campaign co-pilot — if not quite our robot overlords — you should also be finding ways to incorporate tools and solutions that can make building out these campaigns a whole lot easier.

Here’s exactly how you can set yourself on the right course for bigger and better growth campaigns, using AI-supercharged solutions that will throw a shot of adrenaline into any user acquisition strategy.

1. Set realistic UA growth campaign goals

While we love your excitement to reach for the top of the charts, It’s important to not set overly ambitious goals that may be challenging to initially hit in your UA growth journey. Setting unrealistic goals can hinder campaign performance. AI solutions thrive on accuracy and if the objectives are nearly impossible to reach, they may struggle to deliver their best results. Therefore, striking a balance between ambition and realism by setting achievable goals is key to optimizing for successful outcomes.

2. Ensure performance campaigns have plenty of data

Campaigns are more likely to effectively match with users when there is ample data based on the down-funnel events you want to achieve. It’s important to start campaigns early and allow enough time for the learning phase to identify the best users to drive optimal performance. The amount of data necessary for a UA campaign to be successful varies, but AI-based advertising typically requires relatively less data input and time thanks to its advanced learning capabilities. This means campaign targets are hit within a few days of launch which significantly accelerates ramp-up time. Less time spent on learning also means reduced startup costs, resulting in higher ROAS.

3. Expand campaigns globally

High-value users can be found in every corner of the world because where there is a mobile phone, there are endless opportunities for engagement. Instead of focusing on a smaller set of regional markets, such as tier 1 countries, try expanding your UA globally. By tapping into a broad geographic reach, you open up opportunities for substantial scale and growth. AI makes it easy to find those ideal users through a single global campaign which simplifies management and eliminates the need to juggle geo-segmented campaigns.

4. Try a multi-campaign type strategy

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to finding your target audience. Combining different campaign types will broaden your reach and allow you to engage with different (and often, incremental) audience segments. AI-based advertising efficiently connects the dots across various campaign types and can give you an edge when it comes to acquiring users with complementary retention and ROAS curves. This allows advertisers to not only acquire users for the short-term, but also those who will remain engaged long after the holiday season.

5. Open up that budget!

Ramping up ad spend and pushing the limits of your growth is a must for continuously scaling your audience. By strategically allocating your budgets and investing in AI-powered campaigns, you can make every dollar count and ensure that your app stands out in the crowded marketplace. As the old adage says – You have to spend money to make money. Revenue gains achieved now can be reinvested into finding even more high-quality users and the cycle of exponential growth starts.

Interested in leveling up your UA campaign? AppDiscovery leverages its proprietary AI-based advertising engine to grow apps intelligently and sustainably. Contact us or reach out to your account representative for more information.

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