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Welcome Geewa and Clipwire Games!

Jordan Satok
Feb 12, 2020

Mobile game development is happening all around the globe. New studios are cropping up and existing studios are looking to grow. We are fortunate enough that we get to meet some of these amazing teams who are eager to learn how to scale their business — and here at AppLovin, we have the team, talent, knowledge, and creativity to help them.

Today AppLovin is excited to announce it has made new strategic investments in two mobile gaming studios: Clipwire Games and Geewa! With this investment, AppLovin will support these two new partner studios with  growth, while these studios continue to operate wholly independently. AppLovin has made similar strategic investments in Belka Games, PeopleFun, Firecraft Studios, and MagicAnt — with the common goal of fueling overall growth for the mobile gaming ecosystem. 

Clipwire Games began in 2008 and is a fast-growing, Toronto-based mobile game developer and creator of hit title Bingo Story. Founded in 2005, Geewa is a Prague-based global developer and publisher for casual, competitive multiplayer mobile games such as Smashing Four. Both studios have already achieved great success, but  AppLovin’s investment will help to sustain and proliferate growth and provide these studios with new expertise and resources.

“We are excited to partner with AppLovin,” said Ritesh Khanna, Chief Executive Officer at Clipwire Games. “By working with AppLovin we believe we’ll be able to increase our market reach and accelerate our studio production.”

“We’re thrilled that AppLovin was attracted to our multiplayer-focused games and our seasoned team,” said Miloš Endrle, Chief Executive Officer of Geewa. “We share the same passion to create great games and this investment will open up possibilities beyond our market to accelerate growth with both new and existing titles.”

AppLovin is looking forward to working with Geewa and Clipwire Games and their respective leadership teams to continue to bring the best mobile games to players around the world.

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