What is an MMP?

An MMP is a mobile measurement partner that works with app and game publishers to track campaign performance across multiple advertising channels. MMPs provide visibility for publishers to optimize their campaigns and understand conversion data, maximize return on ad spend (ROAS), and provide sustainable growth.

How does an MMP work?

Publishers need to integrate the MMP’s SDK to their app or game in order to send its install and in-app event data to the partner. Once the campaign is launched, they’ll be able to track its performance through MMP’s certified integrations with demand-side platforms (DSPs) to find out where users come from. It also helps provide better visibility into channels that perform the best to give publishers a better understanding of their user journey. This ultimately optimizes their marketing spend while helping them scale.

How do you pick the right MMP?  

When looking to choose an MMP, be sure to find one that will help you attribute your marketing spend to tangible results and consider the weight of each potential partner’s SDK. consider some things you might want in your MMP later, like the ability to provide historical or granular data and unlimited application programming interface (API) requests. Last but not least, choose an MMP with a high standard of data protection and security.

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