SayGames leveraged the AppLovin Growth Suite and increased portfolio installs by more than 25%1.

After partnering with AppLovin, SayGames leveraged MAX for monetization and AppDiscovery’s Ad ROAS campaigns to send Sushi Roll to the #1 Free Game on Google Play in over 80 countries2.



Marketing Objective

360 Approach User Acquisition Monetization

Sushi Roll



SayGames is a leading hyper‑casual games publisher with more than 50 games launched and over 2 billion game downloads globally.



Company Size




Sushi Roll


The Challenge

SayGames needed a partner with a holistic solution to help them scale new titles by acquiring high LTV new users and optimizing campaigns for ROAS

As an industry leader, SayGames understands that to stay ahead of the competition you need to move fast, adopt best-in-class solutions, and continue to grow.

They needed a partner who truly understands the challenges faced by developers, with advanced software that could enable them to fully automate user acquisition campaigns, scale new and existing titles profitably, and optimize campaigns for ROAS.

The Solution

SayGames partnered with AppLovin to leverage best-in-class software solutions to grow its business

SayGames can now scale user acquisition profitably by moving away from campaigns where bids are optimized based on the performance of each source app to AppDiscovery’s Ad ROAS campaigns. This intelligent user-based bidding system allows advertisers to set their ROAS goal and bid accurately based on the value of each user, regardless of source, to maximize both profit and scale.

Additionally, they also implemented MAX in-app bidding to build a fully automated monetization stack that optimizes for higher returns. MAX and AppDiscovery sync seamlessly, making it possible for SayGames to automate all buying and to optimize for ROAS— with their single largest network partner.

The Results

SayGames leveraged AppDiscovery’s Ad ROAS campaigns to triple spend3, scale new games quickly and efficiently, and build a sustainable revenue stream.

Results stats
New titles, Sushi Roll and DOP 2, hit #1 free game2 in multiple countries. While relatively new, both titles are already among the top 10 most downloaded apps in company history with AppDiscovery being a key factor for UA growth.

AppDiscovery’s Ad ROAS campaigns helped extend the life of their titles like Stealth Master. Moving to Ad ROAS campaigns helped to continue growing the game’s user base by unlocking additional inventory, improving its chart positions and the potential for long-term downloads and revenue performance.

In Summary

Acquire High LTV New Users

AppDiscovery’s Ad ROAS campaigns utilize an intelligent user-based bidding system that allowed SayGames to bid accurately on the value of each user to maximize both profit and scale. This enabled them to increase average portfolio installs by 25%1 and extend the lifetime of their titles.

Automation Fuels Success

SayGames was able to automate the optimization of its monetization setup and user acquisition campaigns while increasing overall performance. The result was less manual work, more installs, and more profit.

AppLovin has been a strong partner of ours for many years and we use their full suite of software across our business. Ad ROAS campaigns in particular have allowed us to automate all buying and acquire high LTV new users, profitably.

Egor Vaihanski

1Source: SensorTower September 2020 - May 2021
2Source: SensorTower Dec 15th 2020 - Jan 15th 2021
3Source: AppLovin Platform Oct 14th 2020 - June 14th 2021

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