Idle Office Tycoon used AppLovin’s 360° approach to achieve explosive growth after launching

With the combined power of MAX and AppDiscovery, Idle Office Tycoon scaled both user growth and ad revenue to climb up the free game charts, achieving over 3x increase in installs with only a 12% increase in spend.1



Marketing Objective

360 Approach

Idle Office Tycoon

Warrior Games


Founded in 2018, and an AppLovin partner for over two years, Chengdu Warrior Games’ recently launched Idle Office Tycoon quickly became a hit on the iOS & Android charts.


Chengdu, China

Company Size




Idle Office Tycoon

Warrior Games

The Challenge

Idle Office Tycoon needed a holistic solution that could quickly drive success at launch and then build scale profitably and sustainably thereafter

Across the industry, stormy economic forecasts have contributed to lower advertising spend, resulting in lower CPMs for publishers. To build and maintain revenue growth in this environment, profitable user acquisition is key, as user growth translates to an increase in served ad impressions and scaled ad revenue. For the “idle games” category, high-value user acquisition can be particularly challenging due to the relatively high cost for valuable users and notably mixed results. Launched in April, Idle Office Tycoon needed to get off the ground as quickly as possible with both effective monetization and user acquisition strategies.

The Solution

Using AppLovin’s 360-growth strategy, Idle Office Tycoon was able to run ROAS campaigns optimized for day 7 purchasers

Idle Office Tycoon integrated MAX to power its ad monetization. By leveraging A/B testing and best practices guided by AppLovin’s team of experts, they were able to improve their strategy and achieve incremental revenue gains.

Incremental revenue gains coupled with publisher provided app events enabled AppLovin’s machine learning based user acquisition engine to drive superior results. Idle Office Tycoon was able to decrease the cost of acquiring high-value users while increasing their D7 ROAS targets. As a result, they were able to fuel the growth of their title with AppLovin’s unified UA and monetization solutions, AppDiscovery and MAX.

The Results

Through optimizations and A/B testing, Idle Office Tycoon saw a 3x increase in installs with only a 12% increase in user acquisition spend, and an 84% increase in D7 ROAS2

Results stats
The newly-launched title quickly moved up the charts to achieve a #8 ranking in “Free Games / Strategy” on iOS3. While up against industry headwinds in a challenging category, they found explosive scale after leveraging AppLovin’s 360° growth approach.

With the goal of optimizing towards D7 ROAS, utilizing MAX in unison with AppDiscovery helped Idle Office Tycoon see an increase of 84% for their D7 ROAS by optimizing for valuable users who are likely to actively engage on their app. At the same time, they lowered the cost of finding these valuable users and saw a 47% decrease in CPP.

AppLovin continues to be their best performing user acquisition channel and surpasses other performance channels.

In Summary

AppLovin became the #1 UA channel

Idle Office Tycoon now dedicates a majority of their user acquisition spend to AppLovin, as it has outperformed other acquisition channels.

360° approach exploded growth after launch

By finding opportunities to drive incremental ad revenue, Idle Office Tycoon further fueled growth with ROAS-optimized campaigns on App Discovery.

With AppLovin, we were able to scale growth quickly and optimize our ad revenue.

AppLovin’s holistic growth approach helped us get our new app off the ground and scale quickly. This growth didn’t just add users to our app, it also enabled us to exceed our D0 ROAS targets. These results quickly made AppDiscovery our top-performing UA channel.

On the monetization end, we were able to run A/B tests and make optimizations that drove a 3X increase in ARPDAU, which provided additional revenue for expanded UA.

Publishing Lead

1AppLovin, iOS: May to August, 2022
2AppLovin, iOS: May to August, 2022
3SensorTower: August 8, 2022

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