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5 Ways ALX In-App Inventory Delivers on Audience and Growth

Aug 23, 2022

In-app advertising is an incredibly effective way for brands to reach and engage audiences across demographics and around the globe. It’s a huge opportunity that brand advertisers have yet to fully realize, despite massive investments in display and social advertising. In fact, 70% of all US digital media time comes from mobile apps  —  more than any other channel, site, or network. This is where ALX comes in.

The AppLovin Exchange can help brands and agencies capitalize on in-app advertising in unique ways. Building on the power of the MoPub exchange (which was migrated into our platform via AppLovin’s acquisition of MoPub), ALX connects buyers to over 60,000 mobile apps across more than 1.5 billion mobile devices globally. Mobile in-app advertising on ALX delivers unmatched scale and massive reach to premium-quality inventory. Here’s how agencies can use it to deliver results for their clients: 

1. Access to a huge gaming audience

In 2022, nearly everyone is a gamer. While core gamers may be playing Among Us, Mom might be enjoying Wordscapes, and Grandma might be spending hours on Candy Crush. Whatever the game or demographic, gamers are a highly engaged audience with disposable income. In 2021, $170 billion was spent in apps of all kinds, and mobile games captured $116 billion of that. App users are accustomed to in-game ads and engaging and transacting on mobile devices. What’s more, there’s a ton of viewable inventory available to reach this valuable audience. 

2. Massive video inventory

While the massive inventory of video ads is already attractive, what’s more exciting is that in-app video delivers high completion rates — and support to fully measure viewability. App users are in a positive “mindset moment,” because they are used to these ads, and there are clear breaks for them within the app experience. Unlike the viewers that watch YouTube’s pre-roll and mid-roll ads, app users are especially amenable to video ads and rewarded video, which offers them a benefit or in-app reward in exchange for watching the full ad.  

3. Unmatched scale

As the largest mediation player in the mobile ecosystem, ALX is the most effective supply source for buyers looking to optimize their reach, transparency, and economic efficiency. In addition to gaining access to more than 60,000 mobile apps on over 1.5 billion devices globally, brands gain direct access to AppLovin’s 350+ owned and operated apps. These apps boast a demographically diverse audience of more than 300 million monthly active users and over 31 billion ad views per month, making AppLovin, as a publisher, the third-largest app developer in the app store. 

4. Extensive brand protection tools

In-app ads are inherently brand safe. With content for the majority of apps (and games in particular) limited to specific themes, there’s little risk of negative adjacencies. A multinational brand is unlikely to appear alongside competitive content within a yoga app or word puzzle. ALX goes even further with a full suite of brand protection tools  — as well as the additional security of the IAB certified OM SDK and third-party validated supply through HUMAN  —  so brands know that the ads are being viewed by real users across verified supply.

5. The largest mediation platform

In addition to all of these benefits, ALX connects to MAX, the industry’s largest mediation platform that facilitates a unified auction and supports every ad format, including native and rich media, so brands get the premium canvases they want to tell their stories and engage users in a meaningful way.

With in-app advertising, brands can reach global audiences of all ages, genders, and backgrounds. App usage skyrocketed during the pandemic, and it continues to grow even as we return to our normal activities. That positions in-app advertising as a powerful addition to the media mix for brands seeking to reach new audiences with disposable income. ALX sweetens the opportunity with massive scale, premium supply, brand safety features, and so much more. 

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