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AppDiscovery Introduces Total ROAS Campaigns

Jun 14, 2022

AppDiscovery — AppLovin’s user acquisition solution that uses machine learning to optimize acquisition campaigns — now supports a new type of campaign. This new campaign combines ad revenue data from MAX with in-app purchase data from an app’s mobile measurement partner (MMP) to optimize for Total ROAS

To grow mobile apps profitably, it’s important that user acquisition efforts attract users that provide more value than it costs to acquire them. By driving a positive return on ad spend (ROAS), where user lifetime value (LTV) exceeds their cost per acquisition (CAC), mobile marketers can ensure they’re making money instead of burning it. 

By examining the total value of a user instead of only the ad-value or purchase-value of a user, marketers can more accurately set ROAS goals, improve UA efforts, and gain additional flexibility in expanding to new audiences. 

AppDiscovery Total ROAS campaigns work towards D3 (Day 3) ROAS goals with combined  IAA (in-app advertising) and IAP (in-app purchase) data. As a result, these campaigns are well suited for titles that have users that will make a purchase within the first 3-days following the install of the app.

Total ROAS requirements

In order to kick off a Total ROAS campaign, mobile titles must meet the following requirements:

  • Be 100% mediated by MAX so ad revenue data is complete and clean.
  • Have IAP data from an MMP.
  • Have a sufficient number of installs as well as day 3 purchasers to create clean cohorts.

In addition, be aware that: 

  • On iOS, you can only run either an ad-ROAS campaign or blended ROAS campaign — but not both — due to SKAdNetwork limits
  • On Android, there’s no limitation, so there is no harm in testing Total ROAS for any of your apps. 
  • As of this writing, only D3 blended ROAS campaigns are supported.

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