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Contextual Mobile Targeting with AppLovin Inventory Packages

Doug Borghese
Jan 25, 2023

The AppLovin Exchange — or ALX — is the mobile advertising industry’s leading programmatic exchange. It provides advertisers reach across the world’s largest mobile supply, spanning 2B+ devices and 140,000 mobile apps. While this massive scale provides a tremendous opportunity for brands and agencies, it can also create efficiency challenges — especially when targeting the right inventory is just as important as reaching the right audience. This is where ALX Inventory Packages come in to help you with your mobile targeting needs.

ALX Inventory Packages curate inventory based on app category, audience, performance, ad format, and more. This empowers brands and agencies to reach their most relevant audiences and scale confidently through contextual mobile targeting. With inventory packages, your ability to find, engage, and secure new users is as optimal as it can be.

Here are some of the benefits of these inventory packages, broken down into further detail.

Contextual mobile targeting for the right audience

Inventory packages help you surface relevant inventory, ensuring your ads are being seen by users that are more likely to engage with your ads.

Simplification of the buying workflow

Inventory Packages are curated segments of ALX inventory transacted via a Deal ID. Deal IDs can be activated quickly by a DSP, then made available to brands and agencies within their DSP’s targeting, providing access to premium content categories with little manual effort.

Highest-quality brand-safe impressions

Rest assured you’ll be part of ad inventory packages based on performance (viewability, completion rate, or engagement) or top marks in the app store (based on DAU and app store ratings). This ensures you’ll be reaching the highest-quality impression opportunities across global mobile audiences.

Find your audience at scale with mobile targeting

Reach out to [email protected] to enable an existing inventory package, or generate an ad hoc inventory package today.

Learn all about our ALX Inventory Packages offering here

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