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Elevate Your App Marketing with AppLovin’s Performance-Based CTV Advertising

May 3, 2023

Unlock the power of CTV advertising to grow your apps

It’s no secret that connected TV (CTV) advertising is the next big thing in performance advertising. With ad spending projected to grow 21% this year, reaching over $25 billion, and 93% of U.S. internet users accessible through CTV, there’s never been a better time for app marketers to harness the growth potential of this lucrative channel. AppLovin is helping app marketers across ALL verticals — shopping, gaming, social, fitness, and otherwise — do just that by introducing performance-based buying to CTV within our powerful mobile user acquisition platform, AppDiscovery. App marketers can now use this incremental channel to extend their reach into massive and premium CTV supply, spanning across hundreds of free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) apps and 3,000+ channels from a single source of access, and only ever pay for installs.

“We’re excited to successfully bridge the gap between mobile marketing and CTV through a performance buying model,” said Idil Canal, General Manager of AdTech, AppLovin. “With AppLovin, marketers can easily test and rapidly scale CTV campaigns to acquire high-quality users by accessing a vast audience with targeted, relevant ads — all while prioritizing installs over impressions.”

In other words, app marketers on AppDiscovery will now enjoy the same benefits of the performance model they’ve used to achieve their goals and have come to rely on for mobile — now available for CTV.

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CTV advertising
SparkLabs knows how to produce top-performing CTV ad creatives.

Access top-performing CTV creatives with SparkLabs

In addition to a seamless advertising experience allowing advertisers to run mobile and CTV ad campaigns simultaneously from a single platform, app marketers can leverage AppLovin’s data-driven in-house creative team, SparkLabs, for custom, high-performing CTV ads. This unique and exclusive offering by AppLovin enables customers to customize their existing creative assets for CTV or receive support to make something new.

This value-added service is included for customers who advertise on CTV with AppLovin, and it eliminates the need for customers to develop resource-intensive and costly creatives on their own. By providing these top-performing ad creatives fueled by market data, AppLovin ensures that CTV ads engage viewers more effectively, inspiring them to download apps and contributing to marketers’ ROI goals.

AppDiscovery’s CPI-based performance campaigns help you maximize ROI.

AppDiscovery: The all-in-one solution for app marketers

AppDiscovery enables advertisers and app marketers to incorporate CTV into their channel mix and maximize ROI by:

  1. Running CPI-based performance campaigns: CTV campaigns are priced on a Cost Per Install (CPI) basis rather than at a fixed Cost Per Mille (CPM), ensuring cost-effective ROI for marketers.
  2. Automating and optimizing campaigns: The platform automates the buying process across mobile and CTV inventory and optimizes at the individual channel level to improve performance.
  3. Managing mobile and CTV campaigns from a single access source: AppDiscovery provides a seamless user interface, reporting, and brand experience across multiple channels.
  4. Utilizing custom, top-performing creatives optimized for CTV: As a value add, AppLovin’s SparkLabs in-house creative team is available to customers for custom, high-performing ad creation, giving time and money back to marketers.
  5. Access real-time, transparent analytics: Trackable return on ad spend (ROAS) and channel name visibility eliminate guesswork, ensuring marketers know exactly where their ads are running.

Embrace the future of app marketing with AppLovin

AppLovin’s performance-based CTV advertising is a game-changer for app marketers. By offering a seamless platform and buying experience, CTV ad creative services, and more, AppLovin empowers marketers across any app vertical to extend their audience reach more effectively and achieve scalable app growth.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to raise the bar on your app marketing strategy – get started now.

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