Launch Your Apps Faster with MAX’s Automated Testing Suite

Yuki Manno
May 14, 2021

As a developer, you put a lot of effort into creating fresh content and building new features to keep your users engaged. In addition, most studios use the same resources for managing their growth stack including attribution, analytics, monetization, and advertising SDKs. These SDKs are a crucial part of turning apps into successful businesses.

With each app release, you run several tests, which could be as simple as making sure your network mediation adapters are updated or new SDKs are not causing crashes. Or it could be as time-consuming as running end-to-end tests to ensure ads continue to work as expected. 

These are all a part of the extensive, yet essential testing process for developers of all sizes to protect the superior user experience. Keeping the apps up-to-date is exhaustive and costly. 

MAX, AppLovin’s in-app bidding-based monetization solution, provides an extensive suite of testing tools to help you launch your apps faster, with confidence. 

MAX Testing Tools

Demo App

Demo app is a great place to start if you are new to MAX. Once you clone the repository and add your own credentials, you can build your own app instantly and complete the integration process. Demo app also comes with code samples that demonstrate how you can easily incorporate ads into your app in just a few minutes.

Mediation Debugger

Mediation debugger is a feature that provides you with an easy way to automate the integration validation process.

You can see from the full list of automatically flagged issues for each network and the core MAX integration. From SDK versions to privacy flag settings, anything you need to have a successful integration can be found in the mediation debugger.

Test mode

MAX provides three different test modes: 

  1. Dashboard Test Mode: Developers can use the Test Mode section in the MAX dashboard to whitelist their device and start seeing the selected network’s ads. Since it doesn’t need code changes, anyone with access to a build, and has a device can quickly access this feature.
  2. Network Test Mode: If you prefer to skip the dashboard and test directly on your own device, developers can select a specific network in the Mediation Debugger menu and start seeing test ads.
  3. Live Test Ads: With Mediation Debugger’s Live Test Ads feature, developers can select the ad units configured in their MAX dashboard and force a specific network on their test device.

Creative Debugger

Creative debugger is a feature that provides the ability to see detailed information for a specific ad creative, including the name of the ad network, creative ID, and more. If you find a problematic ad creative in your tests or if you want your users to report ads using a custom gesture, you can immediately report the creative to the network using the creative debugger feature.

MAX’s comprehensive suite of testing tools can be used by anyone 

  • Developers can validate their integration and avoid post-launch disasters.
  • AdOps teams can quickly test their builds with no tech changes or dev involvement. 
  • QA teams can see live and test traffic to flag creative issues and approve release builds in no time.

Whether you have a game development team of five, 20 or 60, automation is key to your success. From bidding-based mediation, brand safety, to carrying you to the top of the charts with our marketing solutions, our goal is to drive exponential growth for developers of all sizes, with the best growth solutions in the market. 

Test and launch your apps with confidence using MAX.

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