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Idil Canal
Nov 22, 2019

We love connecting with game developers across the globe at events like Amplify SF and Amplify Berlin, and learn firsthand how we’re helping them level up in mobile gaming. There’s been a lot of buzz lately surrounding MAX, our in-app bidding solution, so we compiled a few of our favorite success stories below, digging into how game developers are winning with MAX.

FUN-GI Games

FUN-GI Games is an independent studio that wasn’t seeing the revenue they hoped to achieve with their hit game, House Flip, which has more than 11 million downloads globally. Their existing monetization strategy was not providing a sustainable way for FUN-GI to monetize without excess time spent managing complex waterfalls. House Flip needed to increase competition with more bidders in order to maximize potential return. By implementing MAX and using its rigorous A/B testing feature, FUN-GI was able to lift its ARPDAU by 25% and drove 68% of demand to be from bidding demand partners. 

Learn more about how FUN-GI achieved these results in our case study

Yodo 1

Yodo1 Games is an international game publisher that wanted to increase daily revenue on their games, while also reducing the operational costs required to manage multiple networks.

Yodo1 had a sophisticated monetization setup with 10 networks, which required a staff of 10+ people to manage daily operations. Yodo1 needed a monetization solution to reduce manual work and boost revenue for their hit game, Rodeo Stampede.

To achieve their goals, Yodo1 implemented MAX on all 35 of their game titles, including Rodeo Stampede. By using MAX’s rigorous A/B testing tool and enabling Facebook Audience Network as a bidder on Rodeo Stampede in addition to AppLovin and TapJoy, Yodo1 saw an immediate 12% ARPDAU lift with their first A/B test. Learn more about how Yodo1 used MAX in our case study

Azur Games

Azur Games is an international mobile game developer and publisher that was looking to increase their game revenue with a more sophisticated monetization and user acquisition strategy. After shifting their business model to be ad-driven, Azur needed to adapt fast in order to stay ahead of the competition and reach the top of the charts.

Azur integrated MAX In-App Bidding to streamline their monetization setup, significantly increasing revenue and installs worldwide. With a more precise view into their attributed spend, Azur gained the confidence to spend more in the right places, helping build sustainable success.

After adopting MAX, Azur net revenue growth of 160% quarter over quarter — with more than 83 million installs on Android in Q2 2019, Stack Ball was the most downloaded game worldwide that quarter. 

Curious how MAX helped boost Azur’s revenue? Head to our case study for a deep dive.

To the MAX

Each of these developers’ games is differentiated, showing in-app bidding can be instrumental to growing your bottom line no matter your game’s premise. MAX can be customized to fit your individual business’s needs, whether that’s increasing ARPDAU or your bottom line. And the best part? MAX benefits the entire mobile app ecosystem — consumers see more relevant ads, advertisers can better attribute every dollar they spend, and publishers make more money.

Interested to see how in-app bidding can increase your revenue? Click here to apply.

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