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Mobile Marketing: Embracing Trends and Strong Partnerships

Doug Borghese
Dec 14, 2023
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The digital marketing landscape is rapidly evolving, and with it, the strategies for mobile marketing. A recent interview on the AW360 Podcast with Andrey Kazakov, AppLovin’s VP of Demand for Non-Gaming, shed light on the critical need for media mix diversification beyond traditional social and search channels. This conversation, led by Richard Larsson, Director of AW360 & Social Media at Advertising Week, highlighted the growth bottlenecks facing many marketers, and how to overcome them in this new digital age.

AppLovin’s approach

Kazakov emphasized the significant advantages that advertisers gain when partnering with larger, established networks like AppLovin. These benefits include not only reach and efficiency but also a comprehensive range of services—from fully managed campaigns to creative development via SparkLabs. This holistic approach is crucial in driving long-term success and scalability, especially for non-gaming customers, because it should be all about, as Kazakov puts it, “efficiency at scale.”

The AI advantage in mobile marketing

Another focal point of the interview was the transformative role of AI in mobile marketing. Kazakov underscored the unparalleled value AI brings, enabling advertisers to achieve substantially better results with more cost-effective pricing and extended reach. This increase in automation facilitates reinvestment into growth, as marketers meet their objectives more swiftly. Real-world success stories from AppLovin’s clients, such as DealDash and Mode Mobile, illustrate the tangible benefits of leveraging AI in digital marketing strategies.

Looking ahead: The future of mobile marketing

Concluding the interview, Kazakov provided insights into the future of mobile marketing and the emerging trends in this space. With the adoption of AI and other innovative technologies, he predicts a significant shift in how mobile advertising is approached in 2024 and beyond. This evolution is not just about diversifying marketing channels but also about harnessing the power of advanced technologies to achieve more efficient, scalable, and successful marketing campaigns.

This interview serves as a compelling call to action for marketers to rethink their mobile marketing strategies, moving beyond traditional confines and embracing the vast potential of diversified media mixes.

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