DealDash more than doubled their digital UA volume with increasing cost efficiency1

AppDiscovery’s AI advancements enabled DealDash to unlock robust performance gains and scale campaigns efficiently. As a result, AppLovin grew to be responsible for nearly half of their digital UA.2



Marketing Objective

User Acquisition



DealDash is a leading online auction and shopping platform with over 20 million registered customers. Brands and manufacturers partner with DealDash to liquidate their overstocked products through no-reserve auctions, enabling customers to secure significant savings on their purchases.


Minnesota, USA

Company Size





The Challenge

Increase scale through new channels while minimizing risk and operational costs

In addition to search advertising, DealDash has been in the programmatic space for a long time. While they’ve succeeded with these channels, particularly in capturing high-intent users, they continuously seek new ways to increase the impact of their marketing efforts and scale their user base.

Seasonal variations in consumer demand made it a bit more intricate for DealDash to maximize their UA efforts, posing a challenge for maintaining year-round campaign scale and effectiveness.

The Solution

AppLovin’s AI advancements boosted performance and enabled DealDash to scale their digital UA significantly

DealDash operates fast-paced, pay-to-bid auctions that increase by 1-cent increments. The key to effective UA efforts was attracting users who would complete the initial conversion, find enjoyment in the DealDash auction experience, and make repeat purchases.

DealDash found early success and cost-effective scale running Cost Per Purchase (CPP) campaigns on AppDiscovery. Since AppDiscovery helps power true discoverability at performance targets, AppLovin quickly became a trusted growth partner.

AppDiscovery’s recent AI advancements more accurately determine campaign spend allocation to best deliver on performance goals while requiring fewer inputs to calibrate its models. This resulted in improved performance of DealDash’s existing CPP campaigns and eliminated the high learning costs associated with launching new campaign initiatives. With the reduced barriers to testing a multi-campaign strategy, DealDash was able to run a new campaign type that optimized within a few days of launch and acquire incremental users that allowed them to achieve their growth goals.

Moreover, the system's increased adaptability and ability to recalibrate to goal changes quickly allowed DealDash to achieve stable growth, regardless of the season.

The Results

AppDiscovery AI technology elevated campaign performance and drove explosive growth

Results stats
AppDiscovery’s AI technology allowed DealDash to immediately run a new advanced campaign type targeting users likely to deliver the highest Day 7 ROAS. Not only were they able to hit goals shortly after launch, but they also achieved a 71% increase in D7 ROAS month over month.³ DealDash also saw improvements to their existing CPP campaign, with a 22% drop in cost per purchase (CPP) from the time the AI advancements were implemented.4 These impressive returns prompted increased investment in the platform, empowering DealDash to capitalize on the profitable and sustainable growth they were experiencing.

In Summary

Fast campaign optimization

AppDiscovery’s AI advancements made it possible to get started quickly and test a multi-campaign strategy without meaningful learning costs or risk. Their newly launched ROAS campaign hit goals within ten days and achieved remarkable performance gains over the first month.

Improved performance and scalability

The platform’s powerful targeting found DealDash’s unique, high-quality users with increasing efficiency, fewer data inputs, and no manual optimization. This level of automation and precision allowed DealDash to scale their campaigns efficiently.

AppDiscovery is now our top growth partner for discoverability

AppLovin has played a crucial role in doubling our digital UA volume and has allowed us to break free from previous seasonal trends. Their AI-powered campaigns and unparalleled support have helped us achieve remarkable efficiency. Working with the AppLovin team has been a refreshing experience, setting new standards for excellence in our partnerships.

Didrik Lundsten
Growth Marketing Lead

1DealDash: YoY, Jan-Jul 2022 to Jan-Jul 2023
2DealDash: July 2023
3AppLovin: June to July 2023
4AppLovin: May 2023 to July 2023

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