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Take Ad Revenue Attribution to the Next Level With MAX

Idil Canal
Jan 17, 2020
MAX ad-level attribution v2

As developers, we know data reigns king. But when your data is siloed across different platforms, you’re not getting a holistic view into how you can continue to measure — and ultimately monetize — your users in the best way possible. 

The monetization landscape is changing rapidly, and ad revenue is growing as a more popular strategy. Mobile has made everyone a gamer, drastically shifting the industry dynamics that existed previously. Hyper-casual games, which often exclusively employ ads as their monetization tactic, are flourishing with this new set of gamers — sending them to the top of the charts. 

Developers often leverage in-app purchases (IAPs) as a way to monetize their users. Previously, developers only had the opportunity to optimize user acquisition (UA) campaigns toward IAP activity, and couldn’t access granular ad data, as it was only referenced in averages. Universal metrics (like ARPDAU, LTV, ROAS, ROI) are estimated, and not precise. And, these estimates are the figures utilized by advertisers to optimize campaigns — leading to decision making without the full picture from individual data sets.

What are the benefits of impression and user-level ad revenue attribution

Following suit with the industry, developers now don’t have to wonder about siloed monetization statistics across IAP or ad revenue. MAX users can share user-level and impression-level ad revenue data with their mobile measurement partner of choice, like AppsFlyer, Singular, or Adjust. Once a mobile measurement partner is selected, users can easily gain access to a granular view into how different sources and campaigns measure up against one another. 

“Ad revenue reporting removes significant blind spots for today’s marketers and gives them the ultimate insights to drive their growth,” said Andrey Kazakov, VP Partnerships of Adjust. “Adjust’s transparent and accurate data coupled with AppLovin’s strong gaming specialty will change the way gaming apps monetize in 2020 and beyond.” 

“User-level ad revenue unlocks accurate ROAS calculation. Being able to see MAX data within AppsFlyer empowers our clients by giving them a better understanding of the true lifetime value of their users and allows them to better optimize paid user acquisition campaigns,” said Elad Mashiach, Chief Partner Officer at AppsFlyer.

Developers will now be equipped to make better decisions, knowing metrics like ARPDAU, LTV, and more are accurate, while taking into account both IAP and ad revenue through one view. Marketers and monetization managers, in turn, can create more effective monetization strategies, and continue to attract high-quality users. 

“Accessing user-level ad revenue is critical for campaign optimization as it’s an inherent part of ROAS and LTV. And in addition to UA teams now being able to optimize better, Ad Monetization teams can also now leverage Singular’s unique Ad Monetization Reporting to optimize their ad revenue across publishers while getting unparalleled visibility into the Ad Units and Placements that work best for them,” says Susan Kuo, COO & Co-Founder at Singular.

Andrew Williamson, Director at AppyNation added “It’s crucial for us to have accurate attribution data of both IAP and user level ad revenue for all of our titles. Integrating our Adjust solution with MAX has made it possible for us to accurately see user-level ad revenue directly in the Adjust dashboard, as well as a very accurate ROI figure for all of our active UA campaigns. We can now run our campaigns at a far more granular level, freeing up precious resources to concentrate on the UA campaigns themselves and optimize them as much as possible to meet our targets.”

Learn more about MAX. 

For publishers interested in processing data in their own BI systems, this data is already available via AppLovin’s API. Contact your AppLovin business development representative for more information.

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