CTV Halo Effect

What is the CTV halo effect?

The CTV halo effect occurs when CTV advertising enhances other advertising efforts such as paid search, social, and linear TV. It may even help resuscitate underperforming campaigns as part of a multi-channel marketing strategy. Smartly targeted mobile ads that run in parallel with CTV content can also contribute to better outcomes, further strengthening the holistic impact of CTV advertising.

Why is the CTV halo effect important?

Since the CTV halo effect creates an amplified impact across various advertising channels, investing smartly in CTV as part of a holistic advertising strategy can be the epitome of making the most out of your spend. 

Here are a few examples of how it might work:

  1. CTV ads drive mobile conversions (and vice versa): A CTV ad that’s optimally targeted to the user and the show’s viewership could be displayed during a break or between episodes of the show. Then a second ad for the same product or service could be shown on the user’s mobile device a little while later, increasing chances of conversion on mobile. It can also work in reverse, with an ad targeted to a mobile device increasing chances of a conversion when complimentary advertising is shown on a CTV.
  1. CTV marketing amplifies existing channels and campaigns: The halo effect can also help signal-boost existing efforts in channels like paid search, social, and linear TV,   increase engagement and interest via the exposure effect, and even revitalize underperforming campaigns. 
  1. Platform-specific strengths power unique campaign types and stages: The ubiquity of QR codes, ‘learn more’ links, and text promo codes can also help leverage the CTV halo effect. A CTV ad could show a QR code that a user could access on their mobile device without interrupting their viewing, or a mobile device could show an ad for a discount, coupon, or other perk, while a CTV ad for the same brand provides an added reminder to make use of the benefit. Regional targeting to surface local brick-and-mortar perks or seasonally appropriate advertising can help strengthen the impact of such advertising. 

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