What is LiveOps?

In gaming, LiveOps refers to any changes, updates, or improvements made to a game without having to release a brand new version of that game. It stands for live operations. From a business standpoint, game developers see the benefit of implementing live-ops because it helps engage and retain users. It helps ensure that updates and exciting new content is delivered on a regular basis to a game’s playerbase. Learn more about live-ops

How does LiveOps work?

LiveOps works by implementing strategies and data-driven insights to add new aspects to a game. LiveOps focuses on the user lifecycle, from the time they start playing a game to the time they leave. The goal is to improve player loyalty by incorporating events, new game features, promotions, community engagement, and troubleshooting in real-time. However, live-ops doesn’t fundamentally change the game. For example, a game’s live-ops may include new rewards for players, launch new challenges, and make temporary changes to game variables.

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