ONEMT increased installs, reduced CPP, and improved D7 ROAS by more than 150%1.

After partnering with AppLovin, ONEMT leveraged AppDiscovery’s unique CPP campaigns to reduce King’s Choice cost per purchaser on iOS by over 20%1, while increasing D7 ROAS and growing installs by 50%1 MoM.



Marketing Objective

User Acquisition

King’s Choice



Founded in 2015, ONEMT is a globally integrated technology company dedicated to bringing the best in online entertainment to gamers around the world. With games now available in 18 languages, ONEMT has consistently topped the charts on both iOS and Android. They have also received the coveted Most Popular Games and Best Game of the year on the App Store and Google Play Store respectively, with Revenge of Sultans being their most notable success.


Fuzhou, China

Company Size

1,000 employees



King’s Choice


The Challenge

Expand into key international markets and acquire high-quality paying players for their game King’s Choice.

ONEMT launched their RPG game King’s Choice in 2021. The market was highly competitive and regulated. They needed a partner to help them obtain high-quality users with positive ROAS.

The Solution

ONEMT used AppLovin’s advanced solutions to grow ROAS

After AppLovin's CPI campaign, ONEMT saw huge potential in targeting high-quality payers. They then launched CPP and IAP ROAS campaigns allowing them to scale and optimize based on unique purchasers

The Results

AppLovin enabled ONEMT to reach ROAS goals and became their No. 1 acquisition channel.

Results stats
By using an AppLovin CPP campaign, ONEMT was able to automate user acquisition optimized for payers and greatly improve D7 ROAS to achieve their goals. In addition, iOS installs increased by an average of 50% MoM during Q4 2021.

ONEMT was able to scale UA and the increase in volume enabled them to climb to the top 3 iOS RPG charts in the U.S.1

In Summary

Increased D7 ROAS by over 150% 1

ONEMT used AppDiscovery’s CPP campaign to target high-quality users and acquire them at a profitable price point. They rose to the top 3 for RPG games in U.S. iOS charts2.

AppLovin becomes No. 1 acquisition network 3

AppLovin has become the No.1 network for King’s Choice iOS among all user acquisition channels.

AppLovin’s CPP and ROAS-optimized campaigns enabled us to accurately target high-quality paying users.

This made the most effective use of our UA budget, making King’s Choice grow surprisingly faster than expected. We are very happy to partner with AppLovin.

Tyler Zhuang
User acquisition Manager

1Source: AppLovin Platform 01 November 2021 - 31 December 2021
2Source: Adjust Platform 01 November 2021 - 31 December 2021
3Source: Sensortower 01 November 2021 - 31 December 2021

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