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Vizor Games increased their AppLovin installs by 50%


Vizor Games is a leading international developer of multiplayer games for mobile platforms and social networks.


Minsk, Belarus


200+ employees




Vizor needed a way to grow their game quickly on mobile.

Vizor had launched their game, Klondike Adventures, on mobile and they needed a way to successfully launch and scale it. While growth was important, they still needed to elaborate the bidding strategy so that they could reach high and stable conversion metrics.

50% increase in installs
50% increase in installs Klondike playable ad


AppLovin worked with Vizor by focusing on bidding and ad optimization.

Vizor needed to capture volume and reach engaged players. Our technology and world-class team allowed Vizor to know what to bid to get to the top of each core source, and this meant they could be more competitive across high quality sources.

Vizor needed ads that converted well. They worked with us to experiment with various creatives, understand the optimal quantity of active creatives, and track the performance of all tested creatives. Ultimately they were able to identify and spend with highest performing creatives.

The Results

Drove a huge increase in installs and significantly improved conversion.

Vizor results stats
Vizor Marketing Team
Today, IAP-based developers often face difficulties when it comes to production of a good video and playable creative.

Developers need to deal with ad conversion. That includes trying different creative strategies and finding that one precious strategy that works for this particular traffic channel. In some cases, proper creative optimization is the one golden key to success.

Vizor Marketing Team

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