How Developers are Benefiting from the Integrated MAX Platform

How Developers Are Benefiting From the Integrated MAX Platform

When AppLovin announced our plan to acquire MoPub back in October, we set some pretty audacious goals. We promised to integrate MoPub’s most popular features into the already-powerful MAX platform, and we committed to a smooth transition for their developers. 

I’m happy to say that, thanks to the hard work of many, we are on track as planned and we will continue to build many more features for our developers. Not only is MAX one of the most powerful and efficient monetization solutions available on the market today, there has been an incredible influx of new apps to the platform. This means advertisers now benefit from MAX’s supply and increased reach on a unified platform that provides top-quality inventory and stronger results. 

Here are some of my key observations from the last few very eventful months. 

What have the first few months been like since AppLovin acquired MoPub?

From day one, we realized that MoPub developers had a tight timeline to make the shift to the MAX platform, so we endeavored to make it as seamless as possible. We created a dedicated tool set so developers could easily migrate their apps on their own, and we also ensured that our team prioritized this project so they were totally available to support all developers who needed it. 

The results have been outstanding. We’re incredibly proud of our team for the hard work they’ve done on both the development and the support side, and we’re pleased to see that the migration has gone so well for our new partners. In fact, nearly all of our new developers are already seeing an uplift in revenue across their apps. 

According to Sen Sun, Vice President of Ads at Scopely, “The integration of MoPub and MAX will be a positive benefit for publishers and players alike. The combined scale will have the potential to attract more of the world’s biggest advertisers by reducing friction and increasing pricing transparency, and we are pleased to utilize AppLovin’s capabilities to deliver even more seamless free-to-play games experiences for players around the globe.”

How do the enhancements to MAX benefit the app ecosystem? 

Increased demand means greater competition for developers’ inventory and that leads to increased revenue for developers. For advertisers, more inventory means better reach and improved opportunities to reach their target audience. Obviously, new features, such as the AppLovin Exchange, play a key role in this expansion because it helps us become a major, transparent source of supply for all types of advertisers. The addition of new features and the accelerated success of more apps means that more developers will have more tools to grow their businesses. As they make more revenue, they can spend that revenue on things like acquiring more users. Together, that creates a cycle that helps the entire ecosystem grow. 

How are developers who’ve made the transition benefiting from MAX?

MAX isn’t just powerful, it’s also unique in its 360-degree approach. Beyond a monetization platform, MAX is a solution that allows you to grow your app into a business — or grow your existing app business into a more successful one. Sure, developers benefit from a strong monetization platform in MAX that increases their revenue and provides automation tools to reduce manual work, but there’s a lot more. Many partners that have migrated have joined us so they can benefit from a single growth platform. Not only are these developers making more money, they are finding they can easily funnel a portion of the revenue they make to our AppDiscovery solution. Because they use MAX, they can engage with a more targeted user acquisition tool set  that allows for sophisticated campaign advertising to acquire high-quality new users. 

Were those audacious goals achieved? What’s next?

We know that we set out to do something that seemed incredibly ambitious in the final quarter of 2021. There were definitely people who didn’t believe we could integrate so many incredible features from MoPub into MAX, or facilitate the successful migration of so many developers to our platform in such a short time. 

But in the first three months, we’ve shown that in addition to integrating powerful features we could also create a positive experience for our new partners and see them drive more revenue and increased results for their businesses very quickly. Both Ruby Games and Gismart told us that their migration was not only easier than they’d anticipated, they’re actually seeing a lift in profits and UA, respectively. 

And this is just the beginning. Partners are still migrating, and it’s going very well. Everyone will grow. MAX developers will earn more, and they’ll invest that additional revenue into UA. Now is the time to move over to MAX. We have all the features. We have all the support. We have an expert team that understands all the best practices.  

For more on how developers are benefiting from the new integrated MAX or to start your migration, visit here.


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