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Popular Apps That Are Winning the Growth Game

Oct 19, 2023

The latest AI advancements for AppDiscovery are driving unparalleled growth for apps in every sector. This surge is attributed to the enhanced automation and expansion of UA campaigns; which are more efficient in finding the best users in a fraction of the time it takes using traditional methods. This enables app marketers to harness the speed and scale necessary to grow their user base and reinvest back into their business, paving the way for sustained profitability. Below we share the stories of of DealDash and Rollic, who both achieved remarkable success with AppDiscovery. Read on to learn how they did it.

DealDash more than 2X their volume with a multi-campaign strategy

DealDash, an online shopping platform with over 20M customers, faced the task of sustainably growing its user base. Like most other retailers, they dealt with seasonal fluctuations in consumer demand. Historically, DealDash found success with search and programmatic ads, but to continue to scale they realized they needed to expand their channel mix to capture more high-intent users. They aimed to attract users who would complete the initial conversion and make repeat purchases. 

DealDash achieved early success and ROI-positive scale with Cost Per Purchase (CPP) campaigns through AppDiscovery. The solution’s recent AI advancements accurately determined how to allocate spending with fewer data inputs to ramp up campaigns. Because of the accelerated speed at which the AI models operate, DealDash eliminated the high costs associated with learning phases and started hitting their campaign targets within a few days. 

This allowed DealDash to simultaneously run new advanced campaigns targeting users likely to deliver the highest Day 7 ROAS  – this resulted in a 71% increase in D7 ROAS and a 22% drop in CPP. These impressive returns prompted increased investment in the platform, empowering DealDash to drive profitable and sustainable growth, regardless of the season.

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“AppLovin has played a crucial role in doubling our digital UA volume and has allowed us to break free from previous seasonal trends. Working with the AppLovin team has been a refreshing experience, setting new standards for excellence in our partnerships.”

– Didrik Lundsten, Growth Marketing Lead at DealDash

Rollic became a top 10 puzzle game app with global campaigns

Rollic, a subsidiary of Zynga, has launched over 200 games and has driven more than 2bn downloads in the last 5 years. Traditionally, they’ve focused on tier 1 markets which have proven to deliver more predictable returns. Acquiring valuable users outside of those markets had been challenging because of the time and resources needed to manage multiple geo-based campaigns. Seeing the opportunity for substantial growth by scaling beyond these markets, Rollic expanded their UA efforts globally with the release of its latest puzzle game, Twisted Tangle

Rollic already used MAX, which unlocked advanced campaign types including Ad ROAS and blended ROAS on AppDiscovery. Powered by AI-based user targeting, Rollic ran these campaigns with auto-optimized global budgets and captured new audiences that their previous manual, country-based budgeting strategy would have missed. Because of AppDiscovery’s new reduced learning phase, Rollic started seeing results in a matter of days.

Just six weeks after its launch, Twisted Tangle quickly climbed to the #1 position in the App Store charts and achieved a top 10 ranking in over 30 countries. These remarkable results were not unique, as Rollic’s other apps also experienced similar success. With AppDiscovery, Rollic has gained access to a previously untapped level of scalability, leading to AppLovin becoming Rollic’s most successful network.

Click here to read Rollic’s full success story.

“AppDiscovery’s AI advancements have transformed our approach to scaling new games by allowing us to quickly launch new campaigns with global budgets while minimizing time spent on campaign management. We’ve been thrilled to see Twisted Tangle quickly climb to the top of the charts in dozens of countries, thanks to AppDiscovery.”

– Kutay Özer, Director of Growth at Rollic

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