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AppLovin’s Acquisition of MoPub Has Officially Closed

Adam Foroughi
Jan 3, 2022
MoPub Acquisition Has Closed

Today, our acquisition of MoPub has officially closed. We’re all very excited about what this means for our developer and demand partners and the industry as a whole. 

We’re especially excited that many on the MoPub commercial and integration support teams will be joining our team. MoPub built a great solution and paired it with a great team, and by unifying technologies and teams we should be able to provide you a solution that’s stronger than anything the market has seen before. For the developers and demand partners who are new to AppLovin, please feel free to reach out to our team or the reps you already know with any questions about your migration.

Our mission at AppLovin is to drive the mobile app ecosystem forward. Unifying MoPub’s core mediation features with MAX — which is already one of the most powerful and efficient monetization solutions available — furthers this growth mission. Publishers become more successful using MAX because it yields them more revenue, and in turn, this allows them to increase their investment in user acquisition. For advertisers, this unified platform means greater scale of demand and supply. In fact, it creates one of the largest solutions for advertisers in the digital world and yields unsurpassed reach. 

While today makes the close of this transaction official, we’ve been heads-down, laser-focused on integrating all the core features of MoPub for the past several months. We realize the timeline is tight and we have prioritized this work to ensure MoPub customers achieve feature parity as they migrate to MAX. AppLovin has always maintained our speed of delivery and developer focus. So when we align on a priority, it’s full steam ahead.

As a result, MAX’s robust features and expansive set of bidders and buyers have already been enhanced by MoPub’s set of demand and supply-side features. More than 150 DSPs now have direct access to the new AppLovin Exchange (ALX) and are actively competing with mediated demand sources to drive increased revenue for app publishers who use MAX. We expect to have all MoPub DSPs integrated this quarter, and Exchange Analytics reporting will be available later this month, along with other key enhancements. 

When we announced this deal, we promised that we’d prioritize this and work around the clock to integrate all the core MoPub features to create one unified offering through MAX and we’ve done just that. We’ve already included most of the major features from MoPub into the unified SDK for MAX. These new features and many others are outlined in detail in our recent SDK update blog post —  developers will have access to all with our upcoming SDK release on January 6, 2022.

We understand that integrating a new monetization solution is an undertaking and we are dedicated to making this as seamless a transition as possible. Many of you have already migrated to MAX or are in the process of doing so. For those of you who have not yet started, there’s still time to start your migration.

We’re confident you’ll see the benefits  —  quickly. Our partners, Playgendary, were some of the first to migrate and here’s what they are already saying about their migration and the results they are seeing on MAX:

“We had already tested MAX and saw great performance, so when we heard that MoPub would be integrating into MAX, we started planning immediately to get this full scope of benefits. The fully integrated platform incorporates all the core features we relied on in MoPub plus more competitive and diverse auctions with a broader set of bidders, including DSPs, in-app bidders, agencies and brand advertisers,” said Dmitry Shelengovskiy, Founder & CEO. “We are already seeing incredible lift and increase in revenue across our top titles which allows us to invest more in user acquisition.”

We’re excited for what’s ahead and happy to have you with us on this journey. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your ideas, feedback, and questions.

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