MAXing out ARPDAU: Customer Success Stories

Idil Canal
Mar 26, 2020
Case study roundup

One of the best parts about working with developers around the world is that we get to help them achieve success for their fantastic games, and increase their revenue while saving time so they can focus on creating more great games for their loyal players. One of the biggest benefits our developers see when they adopt MAX by AppLovin is an increase in average revenue per daily active user (ARPDAU) — let’s dig into some of our latest success stories where the developers have not just increased, but MAXed out their ARPDAU!


Tripledot had already spent time and money to make sure their ad stack was optimized and needed a way to increase their topline in a competitive market. Tripledot, which reimagines classic games for a modern, mobile audience, needed to build competition for impressions without losing them on its flagship game, Solitaire. Once Tripledot moved Solitaire from a line item-based traditional mediation solution to MAX in-app bidding, it saw an immediate increase in the number of impressions. Furthermore, TripleDot saw a 20% ARPDAU increase on Solitaire by adding additional bidders. Learn more about their journey with MAX here


N3TWORK saw a chance to improve ad monetization performance by optimizing its waterfall stack. By enabling multiple bidders in their auction in MAX, N3TWORK generated an ARPDAU increase of more than 75% on Android and more than 85% on iOS. With sustained revenue growth, N3TWORK saw additional A/B tests driving 5% to 15% more lift in each round. Learn about the additional results they saw here

Geisha Tokyo

Geisha Tokyo moves quickly to get their games in front of an international audience as soon as possible, which meant they were spending a significant amount of time maintaining lengthy waterfalls for each ad format to maximize revenue for each user in each title they scale. Once Geisha Tokyo enabled MAX on their hit game Traffic Run!, it saw an immediate 10% ARPDAU lift from reduced latency. It then saw an additional 21% ARPDAU increase by adding multiple bidders and implementing recommendations from AppLovin. Learn more about how MAX helped Geisha Tokyo see sustained gains on their games here.  

To start MAXimizing your revenue with AppLovin, apply for MAX here.

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