Migrating to MAX: New Developer Tools Just Released

Idil Canal
Dec 22, 2021

The MAX+MoPub unified platform has created one of the most powerful, feature-rich growth and monetization solutions available. Here are some of the newest developer tools available in MAX to help you integrate, test, validate, and debug, and which will all be supported with the first SDK release in January 2022. 

Learn why top developers are moving to MAX: Read the full MAX+MoPub features list.

The following MoPub features have been added to MAX:

Optional Built-In Consent Flow
The AppLovin SDK gives developers everything you need to ensure you meet privacy and consent regulations for different regions. Read more about the AppLovin built-in consent flow.

Full Developer Testing Suite & Integration Validator 
MoPub users coming to MAX can take advantage of AppLovin’s suite of testing and validation tools. These tools help developers quickly and easily automate both integration and the validation process. Tools include:

  • Mediation Debugger — This tool provides an easy way to automate the integration and validation process and view the full list of automatically flagged issues for each ad network and the core MAX integration. From SDK versions to privacy flag settings, anything you need to have a successful integration can be found in the Mediation Debugger.
  • Test Modes — Test modes allow developers to conveniently test and view results from the MAX dashboard or directly on your own device. Tests include: 
    • Dashboard Test Mode: Use the Test Mode section in the MAX dashboard to whitelist your device and view a selected network’s ads. Because this does not require code changes, it can be quickly accessed by anyone with access to a build and a whitelisted device.
    • Network Test Mode: If you prefer to test directly on your own device instead of in the dashboard, you can select a specific network in the Mediation Debugger menu and start seeing test ads.
    • Live Test Ads: With Mediation Debugger’s Live Test Ads feature, developers can select the ad units configured in their MAX dashboard and force a specific network on their test device.
  • Demo App — If you’re new to MAX, the Demo App is a great place to start your testing. First, clone the Github repository and then add your own credentials. Then, you can build your own app and complete the integration process. Demo App also includes a variety of code samples that show you how to quickly incorporate ads into your app.

These features are existing key features in MAX that MoPub publishers will immediately benefit from: 

Waterfall A/B Testing
A/B testing is critical to optimizing campaigns, trying different strategies, and maximizing LTV. The MAX A/B Test feature allows you to use real-time data to test, and measure the impact of any change that you make to your waterfall configuration.

Tip: To start creating an A/B test in the MAX dashboard, select Mediation > Manage > Ad Units. Then, from the ellipsis menu in the Default Waterfall tab, select Create AB Test.

Creative Debugger
MoPub users coming to MAX can use the Creative Debugger to identify problematic ads before they become an issue. The AppLovin MAX SDK enables developers to expose comprehensive ad information in MAX-mediated apps, and the Creative Debugger allows you to identify problematic ads when you incorporate the creative debugger into your test environments, QA processes, and support ticket systems. Read more about the Ceative Debugger.

Many top developers have already migrated to MAX. If you haven’t, you can start your migration to MAX now,  AppLovin and MoPub teams are standing by to make this as seamless a transition as possible. 

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