A/B Testing

What is A/B testing?

A/B testing is a way for developers to conduct a controlled experiment between two or more versions of something in their game to determine which is more effective. Your audience is segmented into two or more groups, the control group (current performance – no changes) and your test group. A variable is introduced to the test group and performance is measured and compared with the control group. 

Why A/B testing important 

A/B tests are crucial as they measure the impact of changes you make within your game design, monetization stack, or UA strategy before you roll them out to 100% of your audience. Using A/B tests you can continuously test and add new features to your games, drive continuous revenue growth through your monetization setup, and acquire high-value new users at a profitable price point. 

Benefits of A/B testing 

A/B tests have been instrumental in developing a lot of the world’s most successful mobile games, both front and back end. With A/B testing, you can: 

  • Leverage real-time data to make better decisions.
  • Understand your users, how they behave, learn what motivates them, and use this information to increase LTV
  • Introduce new features, mitigate the risk, and understand the impact.

A/B Testing and in-app bidding 

MAX is an in-app bidding based full-stack monetization solution built for the unique needs of today’s mobile game developers and publishers. Our A/B testing feature is powered by real-time analytics to drive continuous revenue growth for each user. There are several ways devs can easily utilize the A/B test function within MAX, such as testing:

  • The value of adding additional bidders 
  • In-app bidding vs. traditional waterfall.
  • The value of new ad placements.
  • How the frequency of ads impact user LTV and ARPDAU.    
  • The ability to identify price floors to balance UX and revenue decisions or IAP vs ads balance. 

Learn how TapNation’s need for an efficient A/B testing solution led them to MAX and yielded a 12% ARPDAU lift. 

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