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Unleashing Global Growth at Amplify Vietnam

Jun 22, 2023

AppLovin recently hosted its epic Amplify workshop in the culturally vibrant Hanoi, Vietnam. A score of mobile developers (the most we’ve seen at a Vietnamese Amplify, in fact) showed up to spend time with us.

Adapt and overcome

As the Amplify Vietnam event revved up, we took a moment to look back and celebrate the hurdles we leapt over in the past year. And that came with some great news – we saw the first quarter of 2023 ushering in a steady rebound, indicated by a resilient bounce-back of eCPMs after the predictable Q1 dip. Yields per impression followed suit with a solid rally, and we recorded promising growth in the user base across both operating systems. This upswing? All thanks to our partners’ platforms scaling up like champions on a global stage.

What’s more, we noted an intriguing twist in the plot – partners started giving profitability the center stage, moving away from mere costs to focus on Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). With that, we witnessed a surge in Cost Per Install (CPI) and overall spend, as partners embraced more advanced campaigns. The result? The industry experienced a welcome tilt towards smarter user acquisition and monetization strategies. The evolution is upon us!

We love to watch your success stories unfold

Speaking of which, the glowing success of our partners in Vietnam was the shining star of Amplify. Against the backdrop of a slight Q4 dip last year, our Vietnamese partners kept going and have been on an uptrend since. Their growth trajectory? Nothing short of astonishing!

This success enables MAX publishers to pump up revenue and sharpen efficiencies, not just for themselves but across the mobile industry. And this growth engine? It’s been expanding Average Revenue Per Daily Active User (ARPDAU) and Lifetime Value (LTV), propelling our partners globally.

Legendary takeaways about advertising, UA, and games

With the kick-off wrapped up, it was time for Du Do, our very own Head of Vietnam Business Development at AppLovin, to own the spotlight. He dished out insights on mastering the art of mobile advertising and user acquisition strategies.

One session that had everyone buzzing was from Load Complete, the Korean game-dev magicians behind the runaway hit ‘Legend of Slime.’ The COO, SooJeong Bae, unveiled their latest creation, “KIWUGI” (a.k.a. “Growth Simulator”). Attendees had the opportunity to learn about the challenges faced during development of the title, the secrets to creating engaging gameplay that will snag players, and the strategies behind global expansion for the game. Also, you gotta love that the game is called “Growth Simulator” when we’re talking about global expansion!

Setting the stage for the Amplify Vietnam networking party

And let’s not forget the happy hour and the lucky draw that had everyone on their toes – shout out to the lucky guest who walked away with a shiny new Apple watch!

Until next time!

A big thank you to all attendees and our guest speakers and panelists – you were amazing! We’re already counting down to our future Amplify events. We can’t wait to see you there!

We were also recently at MAU Vegas 2023 here in the U.S.! Check out our two-part coverage of that event HERE and HERE.

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