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What is Wordscapes?

Claire Tak
Sep 19, 2020

Word nerds, you may have heard about or played Wordscapes (iOS | Android), which has over 85 million downloads, and players worldwide. 

Wordscapes is a game created by PeopleFun, the world’s most popular developers of casual mobile word games. They also make Wordstacks (iOS | Android), Word Chums (iOS | Android), and Wordscapes in Bloom (iOS | Android). 

How does Wordscapes work?

Wordscapes is a free-to-play mobile game. As part of the name (‘scapes) suggests, the game is set against a soothing backdrop of the ocean, a forest, or a mountain to help you “escape” as you enjoy the game. The picturesque background changes with each level. 

The purpose of Wordscapes is to create words from random letters to fill a crossword puzzle. You swipe the letters in various directions to form a word just as you would in an anagram. 

Wordscapes is different than other types of word games in that the goal isn’t to make as many words as possible. Instead, the blank spaces in the crossword puzzle act as a guide to help you complete the words. If the word is valid and fits in the puzzle, you can move on to the next round. 

Each level is quick, with just a few words to fill. 

You also have the option of requesting a “hint,” if you get stuck. Keep in mind you have to pay with your coins each time you decide to ask for a hint (the lightbulb button).  

3 quick Wordscape tips to beat the level quickly

As you pass each level, you will notice the game becomes more challenging. Because the game isn’t timed, you aren’t penalized for taking your time, nor are you deducted points or coins for trying a nonsense combination of words. This may have been your strategy to wildly swipe your finger in different directions, with similar word games.

Since Wordscapes has a different set of rules, these are a few tips to keep in mind so you can quickly get as far ahead in the game as possible. 

Tip #1: Start with the longest word that fits the puzzle

When you’re first given the letters, see if you can figure out the longest word first. This may help you determine what other letters are in the crossword puzzle. 

Tip #2: Add an “s”

You may want to try making a singular word plural. It may also help you out in the bonus round.

Tip #3: Consider abbreviations

If you’ve ever played Scrabble, there are abbreviations in the dictionary that may be counted as their own word. The same applies to Wordscapes—try abbreviations such as “alt,” “sub,” and “demo,” for example. 

What are Wordscapes coins?

After each level, you have the opportunity to earn coins through playing bonus words, filling in the extra word (not all levels have this), leveling up, or collecting stars on Wordscapes daily puzzles. 

The purpose of collecting coins is to use them to help you. You can buy power-ups and the option of buying more coins through an in-app purchase.

Is Wordscapes safe?

Yes—it’s a perfectly safe, family-friendly game to play on either iOS or Android. There’s no inappropriate content or playing against others through chat on the app. 

Wordscapes has over 6,000 puzzles

What is it about creating a word from a jumble of letters that makes us feel so satisfied? Perhaps it’s the act of using your brain to make a bunch of jumbled letters into a word. Studies show that there could be brain benefits from playing puzzle games and crosswords. 

With over 6,000 puzzles to conquer, you can play to your heart’s content and indulge in some good old fashioned wordsmithing!

Download it today: iOS | Android

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