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AppLovin Cares: Helping restore Northern California’s forests

Kaden Witten
Nov 14, 2018
AppLovin Cares One Tree Planted

Last year, California was hit by a series of deadly wildfires that burned over 245,000 acres. Wildfires ripped through communities in Napa, Sonoma, Mendocino, and many others, displacing many and claiming 44 victims. And less than a week ago, the Camp, Woolsey, and Hill Fires spread rapidly, which have become the deadliest and most destructive wildfires in California’s history.

In the wake of last year’s wildfires, AppLovin Cares partnered with AppsFlyer to raise over $31,000 for the victims of the Northern California fires. This year, we wanted to find an organization dedicated to reforestation and that’s why AppLovin Cares is partnering with One Tree Planted to plant 2,500 trees in California. Forests are essential for good air quality, preserving habitats, and for the overall health of our planet. Healthy trees are also essential in helping prevent wildfires in the years to come.

One Tree Planted - Willamette Valley Restoration

One Tree Planted employees foresters who work hard to promote improved vegetation planning and resource management, helping to reduce the risk of catastrophic fires and floods in the region. These foresters help determine the most appropriate species of trees to plant, depending on the time of the year.

Currently, the State Forest Service spends over 50% of its budget fighting fires compared to 20% a decade ago. Climate change requires us to be proactive in improving the health of our forests to prevent the risk of future wildfires.

If you want to help restore the 129 million trees needed in California, please consider donating to One Tree Planted.

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