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Automate Your Monetization With MAX’s New Ad Unit Management API

Idil Canal
Feb 20, 2020

Mobile game developers today need to make frequent adjustments to their game’s monetization strategy. Currently, it’s a very manual process to do this app by app. Even though in-app bidding automates the process for many developers, they still use traditionally mediated networks that take a lot of time to maintain and setup. MAX’s latest update solves this. 

Developers can now use MAX’s Ad Unit Management API to automate tedious daily monetization tasks — allowing them to focus on developing new games, features, or placements with studio teams. We know that in this competitive mobile gaming industry, time is money — any automation can be a competitive advantage in building successful games for developers.

What can you do with MAX’s Ad Unit Management API?

MAX’s front-end API:

  • Helps developers prototype and launch apps faster. Being able to create ad units, build, update, and optimize waterfalls in an automated fashion, allows developers to ultimately publish and scale winning games faster. 
  • Automates a developer’s waterfall changes and A/B tests. Create ad units, apps, update MAX’s waterfall, set up new A/B tests, promote tests/create new ones, and duplicate waterfalls across apps — all within this new API. 
  • Assists developers by expediting the migration of their existing portfolio and waterfall setup to MAX. This drives operational efficiency, and the sooner that developers are on MAX, the more money they make. 

MAX’s API is accessible to all sized studios

For indie developers or hyper-casual studios: There are many steps involved in launching a game — from ideation to prototyping, soft launching, and ultimately getting your app to scale globally. Automating your monetization provides an advantage by keeping a lean team and freeing up resources to scale growth and revenue quickly.

For larger studios: These studios often have business intelligence (BI) processes and operations in place and MAX can easily be integrated into their stack as a monetization solution at no additional cost. These studios can continue to use their own BI tools to automate actions in MAX.

At AppLovin, we believe in efficiency and that means we will continue to invest in automation in order to help developers reduce manual work and gain more time to focus on their games. Be sure to keep an eye out for further developments with MAX.  

If you are a MAX user, please visit our API documentation and reach out to your account team. 

If you are not a MAX user, register today!

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