Golf like you’ve never golfed before with Happy Shots Golf

Aug 16, 2019
Happy Shots Golf mobile game

Happy Shots Golf is here and it is anything but mini! Armed only with your trusty club, you can forget the bag, you won’t need a caddy, you won’t sweat the cart. When you are golfing with Lion Studios, you know you are in for the round of your life. 

Blending all the sport of golf with the puzzle action you know and love from Lion, Happy Shots Golf tests your brain as well as your brawn. Take a swing at 11 exotic courses where you will have to navigate the greens as well as the laws of physics as you putt your stuff.

From the beach to volcanic caves and beautiful city skylines, you’ll be playing courses that would make Tiger Woods’ head spin. Of course, we can’t just have you shooting the ball straight towards the target. Where’s the fun in that? 

In order to hit that hole in one, (or two,) (or even sometimes three!) you’ll need to navigate some tricky puzzles that will twist your brain like a pretzel. That elusive flag might be in front of you. Or behind. Or directly above you! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a variety of helpful fans, warp pots, and other goodies to defy gravity. Match the ball with the corresponding colored hole while you use the neutral balls to open gates and clear the paths. 

Take your best shot and collect stars and coins in each level to unlock even more gameplay. Aiming is the key to opening up more and more challenges. With several modes to test your speed and mettle, you can play through Happy Shots Golf for hours and hours.

Step up to the tee and let’s get the ball rolling!

Download Happy Shots Golf 

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