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How Plus! Helped a Leading Online Marketplace Win More Buyers

Mar 21, 2024

Using Plus!’s promotional placements and innovative shopping experiences, a leading online marketplace increased its exposure among a high-quality audience and motivated mobile shoppers to make larger, more frequent purchases.

The Challenge

Boosting m-commerce revenue in a crowded market

A major e-commerce marketplace was looking for creative ways to acquire value-driven users, drive more sales, and boost order values. As a provider of primarily affordable, trendy goods, the marketplace recognized cash back and loyalty affiliate publishers as a prime avenue for reaching and engaging their cost-conscious target audience. 

With several holidays on the horizon, the marketplace was eager to explore promotional opportunities that could help outpace retail rivals by getting its shopping platform in front of high-intent shoppers during periods of peak consumer demand.

Since the majority of the marketplace’s orders occur on mobile devices, it was important to partner with an affiliate publisher adept at navigating rewards on mobile. The solution had to be capable of maintaining seamless mobile shopping experiences and accurate, trackable results through integration with the marketplace’s preferred affiliate network.

The Solution

Plus! delivered incremental reach and quality customers

By partnering with Plus!, the online marketplace was able to encourage new and existing shoppers to spend on its platform. Leveraging the Plus! app’s homepage hero banner, a holiday promotion capitalized on heightened consumer demand. Plus!’s cash back tile ensured the app was also consistently featured on the Plus! Homepage. Seeing early potential in the partnership, the marketplace enhanced its offering with exclusive deals and bigger rewards.

Using Plus!’s seamless in-app functionality, the marketplace was able to incentivize shoppers with cash back savings and coupons that could be easily applied to orders without interrupting the purchase process. This helped stimulate bigger and more frequent purchases, regardless of where visitors were shopping.

The Results

Partnering with Plus! drove m-commerce growth and greater customer engagement

Partnering with Plus! drove m-commerce growth and greater customer engagement
including 4X increase in conversions and 20% higher AOV²

Detailed reports transparently measuring the impact of Plus! were made available through the marketplace’s affiliate network.

With Plus!, the retail marketplace was able to unlock its m-commerce growth. Plus!’s unique ability to navigate the complexities of rewards on mobile helped establish stickier and more loyal shoppers on this platform, where 62% of its sales conversions occur1.

By leveraging Plus!’s homepage hero banner, the retailer was able to significantly expand its visibility to an incremental, high-quality audience. This strategic placement resulted in a fivefold increase in cash back activations and a fourfold increase in completed orders while also enhancing brand awareness among a highly engaged, savings-motivated audience.2 Impressively, 40% of all Plus! cash back activations on the e-commerce platform were attributed to this banner placement, and average order values among this audience were 20% higher.3

With this dynamic approach, the platform was able to overtake other retailers in impressions, clicks, and conversions, which helped validate its investment in the channel.

In Summary

Tapped into a pool of quality, first-time shoppersOvertook other retailers with promotional opportunities
By using Plus’s native app promotional placements, the retail marketplace not only increased its brand awareness among an audience motivated by savings but also attracted new quality customers, with a 20% higher AOV.The marketplace’s exclusive deals and promotional in-app placements allowed it to surge ahead of a majority of key competitors, drawing more clicks and conversions.
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