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Improve the Technical Health of Your App This Summer

Aug 2, 2023
Key blog takeaways:
App optimization is crucial for technical health
Prioritize using the latest SDKs
Initialize the SDK as soon as possible after your app starts
Ensure ads are loading and visible
Unity developers can automate their integration with the Unity Integration Manager
Test all ad integrations before launching your app
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Summer is an excellent time to dive deep into the complex waters of app optimization. Namely, how you can best optimize your app monetization setup to spend more time creating and having fun while your apps are performant, robust, and thriving. 

To cover off on this endlessly hot topic, we’ll show you how MAX can ensure your app’s technical health and make operation and management as easy as it can be. Let’s jump in.

Part 1: Hot tips for technical app optimization

Technical optimization is key to creating a smooth and efficient app experience that can be monetized effectively. Here are some of our top tips to optimize your technical setup:

Prioritize using the latest SDKs. This allows you to take advantage of the latest features and performance improvements. MAX, for instance, offers a lightweight SDK, compatible with multiple dev platforms like Android, iOS, and Unity, making the integration process a breeze.

Initialize the SDK as soon as possible after your app starts. Ad assets that are fully cached result in a better user experience. After you successfully initialize the AppLovin SDK, start loading ads for interstitial and rewarded ad formats. This ensures that you have ample time to cache the winning bid before you show an ad.

Ensure ads are loaded and visible. When an interstitial or rewarded ad fails to load or display, retry with exponentially higher delays up to a maximum delay. If you fail to implement this step, you may miss impression opportunities which may result in lower revenue. When possible, keep the banner unit visible on screen at all times in order to optimize performance for higher CPMs and better user experience. MAX will control the refresh rate for optimal results. If you hide the banner behind content, networks may invalidate impressions based on their viewability rules.

Unity devs can plug and play. Use Unity Integration Manager to fully automate the integration process.

Test your integration. Before launching your app, test your ad integration to ensure it works as expected. Try these diagnostic tools to validate your integration was successful:

  • Demo apps: Shows you how to integrate MAX into your mobile apps. You can use the sample code as a blueprint for your integration.
  • Test mode: Accessed within the MAX Dashboard, you can verify you’ve successfully integrated specific ad networks by ensuring you get network fill when testing.
  • Mediation Debugger: Validate and display the status of all ad networks that MAX mediates within this AppLovin SDK feature. Use it to check if your network is successfully integrated using test or live ads before your app goes live.
  • Creative Debugger: Captures ad creative details for AppLovin and your networks and allows you to report problematic ads to the associated ad network. Save time by incorporating the Debugger into your test environments, QA processes, and support ticket systems for users to easily identify and escalate these ads.

Implementing ad networks. Choose your ad networks wisely. They should align with your app’s content, target audience, and geographic focus to make it worth the investment to integrate them. We also recommend exploring more dynamic, automated bidding models. Test with supported networks whenever possible.

Remember, a clean and optimized technical setup is a powerful lever, improving your app’s monetization and boosting your revenue. For more information, visit our developer documentation and/or check out the MAX Academy Series for step-by-step video guides for getting started monetizing with MAX.

Part 2: Stay cool with these developer tools from MAX

MAX is designed to take the stress out of app optimization and monetization. It’s a fully automated, developer-friendly tool that allows you to launch apps faster and with more confidence. Its open-sourced adapters and suite of developer-friendly tools automate crucial processes, saving you precious time and optimizing your integration while you stick to the business of building and engaging with apps.

With competitive auctions across 25+ networks and the highest CPMs for your impressions, MAX sets you up for a summer of successes.

Start with MAX this summer!

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