Machine Zone’s Player Appreciation was a Hit: We’ve Got Updates!

David Tamayo
Oct 17, 2020

Player Appreciation Week was a huge success!

Thank you again to our community, we hope you had a blast. 

Here’s a quick recap on the week’s activities and feedback from players. 

  • Players enjoyed a first-ever Battle Royale and Realm vs. Realm events, which was a fun way to duke it out and engage with other players.  
  • The Player Appreciation Moogle Market provided a ton of goodies to help players progress in their games.
  • With Community Challenges and Milestone Packs, players were gifted with (and able to complete an exciting, secret milestone).
  • We launched a fun meme contest on Facebook to give more opportunities for players to earn free game packs or game-branded gifts for Mobile Strike, World War Rising, and Game of War.
  • Returning players were pleasantly surprised with a Catch-Up Token that offered an easy way to catch up in their games and play with others again. 

Our community feedback was positive. Here’s what a few players had to say about their experience:

“This week has been fun! Did a really good job of making it worth doing the challenges and events. From what I’ve gathered across the game, people were genuinely impressed with the awards for competing and completing challenges. Awesome job!”—Durfinwen from Game of War

“I’m actually having a good time and we have folks online playing and the ones that have had to scoot out say they will be back. Happy with the prizes in the mail. Happy with the event prizes! We’ve got a good kingdom vibe happening, with players swapping hits with bonus 30-minute events. The morale in my own alliance is palpably better and I’m grinning. All good things!”— Amy from Game of War

Thanks again to our community, we hope you had a blast.

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