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Pack Your Suitcase! Pack Master Challenges You to Pack for Your Next Adventure

Aug 3, 2019
Packing suitcase game

Be the leader of the pack with Lion Studios’ latest and most interesting puzzle game, Pack Master! No shifting blocks to turn, no falling pieces to maneuver, these challenges test your real life packing skills as you cram as much as possible into your suitcase on your way to fabulous lands and exotic adventures.

Discover the most relaxing way to travel without paying First Class fare. Using your increasingly angular and ever-shifting suitcases, you must find a way to fit a maximum number of objects into a minimal space. This game tests not only your spatial recognition, but it also pushes your organizational skills to the limit. You start off with a run-of-the-mill rectangular case, but as you advance in levels and travel to new and exciting cities, you will notice your bag comes in a much wider variety of shapes and sizes. More angles and more compartments make for more packing madness!

Pack Master Lion Studios

Pack Master has 200+ unique challenges spread across eleven wide-ranging locales. You might start at home, just arranging your clothes like any other trip, but suddenly you will find yourself whisked away down under to Australia where you will have to find room for boomerangs and bikinis. Once you get going, you will discover the world like never before. From Japan, complete with sushi rolls and shurikens, to Italy, where you’ll have to deal with wine casks and pizza wheels.

You won’t believe what objects you’ll need to deal with once you get to space…

The challenges increase the further you progress. Just when you think you’ve got this suitcase thing down, great, now you have room for two bags?? So much to pack, so little space.

Capturing your imagination while still dealing with real-life situations is what Pack Master is all about. Aside from trying to fit in your cactus next to your bowling ball, of course.

Check out Pack Master on iOS! Android version coming soon.

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