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AppLovin’s Roundup of Success Stories

May 28, 2021

Developers of all sizes tell us they love working with AppLovin, and we understand the thrill of seeing their apps rise to the top of the charts or when they exceed goals and expectations. 

From app development, reaching new users quickly, improving monetization strategies, and optimizing their creatives, AppLovin’s software provides developers with a powerful set of solutions to grow their mobile apps by enabling them to market, monetize, analyze, and publish. 

These stories of success also showcase how our software is helping developers and studios at any stage of their business.

Ding Bats leverages SparkLabs’ expertise to hit #1 in the word category in 33 countries

The challenge: Lion Studios launched their first game in the word category—Ding Bats. Word games require a deep level of marketing expertise and because these types of games appeal to a different demographic, Lion partnered with AppLovin’s in-house creative team, SparkLabs, to help scale Ding Bats

The solution: Ding Bats was launched with industry-leading video and playable ads, with the creative direction from SparkLabs. SparkLabs understands best practices that are proven to work, plus the team moves swiftly to deliver fast results. 

The results: Ding Bats became the #1 word game in 33 countries, including the U.S. and UK, with a 152 percent increase in average daily installs and a 155 percent increase in install rates. Read the full case study.

Nox Joy’s Pin Rescue finds global success by reaching the top of the charts

The challenge: Nox Joy is a small development team with limited resources. They wanted a holistic approach to increase their profits and scale their business internationally. 

The solution: Nox Joy leveraged AppLovin’s software solutions to grow their business, including A/B testing with AppLovin’s in-app bidding software solution MAX. This allowed them to spend more on their game, Pin Rescue, scaling their game’s total installs by 4X with AppDiscovery

The results: Nox Joy achieved a 4X increase in total install volume from AppDiscovery and a 90 percent ARPDAU lift from running A/B tests within MAX. Read the full case study.

How Pocket Gems’ Episode improves player experience and increases ad ARPDAU by 60 percent

The challenge: Pocket Gems wanted to captivate their player experience and grow their storytelling game Episode. They were in search of a full-platform solution that would still provide flexibility and increase their profits with in-app bidding. Their team wanted an automated solution to save time while maximizing revenue for each impression opportunity. 

The solution: Pocket Gems teamed up with AppLovin and was able to save time managing their in-house mediation technology and rid themselves of tedious, manual tasks of optimizing their monetization stack. They invested the time they saved to focus on improving the ad experience for their users. 

The results: Reduced latency, faster ad load times, and an overall higher-quality app experience. They saw a 60 percent increase in ads APRDAU on Android and a 54 percent increase in IMPDAU on Android. Read the full story.

Park Master rises to top the U.S. charts with AppLovin

The challenge: Kayac, a small Japanese casual game developer, needed support from an experienced partner to reach their target audience for Park Master

The solution: They used MAX and support from SparkLabs to help them optimize creatives to make Park Master a success in the charts. SparkLabs simplified creative designs to be more focused while adding real-time facial expressions from players on the upper right corner of the screen to encourage more engagement. 

The results: An increase of advertising IPM by 50 percent and grew downloads by nearly 10 times. Read the full story.

Eureka Studios’ unconventional journey to reach #1, achieving a 30 percent ARPDAU lift

The challenge: Eureka Studios wanted to expand their game Skip School! to reach a global audience from Asia to the U.S. but needed a way to gauge marketability for their game. When they launched the game, they didn’t have enough levels to create a steady revenue stream and needed a solid monetization strategy in order to scale. 

The solution: They implemented MAX early on and ran A/B tests to determine their best monetization setup. 

The results: They saw an immediate 10 percent ARPDAU increase just from switching to MAX. Then, they experienced an additional 30 percent APRDAU lift. The team also learned valuable lessons for successfully scaling their games, as they venture into new genres.  Read the full story

Learn more about our success stories or visit AppLovin to get started.

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