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Another winning night with the Warriors… and our partners

Briana Billingham
Mar 18, 2016

The week of GDC, it’s party party party. Last night AppLovin gathered with 80 or so of our closest friends and partners at the Mega Suite at Oracle Arena, where we cheered on the Warriors as they slaughtered the Knicks with their 50th straight home win.

You can catch the a recap of the 121-85 victory here, and this analysis features some interesting commentary, noting that the game was  “a showcase of the game’s evolution where a team of today was pitted against a team still tethered to the past.” ESPN staff writer Ethan Sherwood Strauss added that the Warriors’ improvisational skill is remarkable, with coach Steve Kerr “seemingly [using] fewer hand signals than most coaches, trusting his players to find their freedom within a basic structure of reads and reactions.” Funny, that sounds like the management at AppLovin!

We also had a special treat: one-on-one time with the 2015 NBA Championship Trophy. (Little-known fact: each year the trophy is made by Tiffany and Co.)  Needless to say, the line for selfies with the trophy was looooong (but jolly).

The playoffs are of course fast-approaching, so we are looking forward to more great times with our customers at the home games. 

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