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Oliver Eriksson and His Game Flip Trickster are the Ultimate Game Changer

Rafael Vivas
Oct 20, 2018

A few weeks ago, we announced the winners of Lion Studios’ Ultimate Game Changers Contest. Today, we’re giving the spotlight to the first place winner: Oliver Eriksson and his game Flip Trickster.

We chose Flip Trickster as the grand prize winner because it had the highest engagement and stickiness of the 230 submissions we received. Flip Trickster was a breath of fresh air because its gameplay made us laugh and want to keep playing. As of this writing, Flip Trickster sits at #1 in the App Store Top Free apps chart.

Flip Trickster top free game

Source: App Annie

When we talked to Oliver for the first time, we hit it off with him immediately and we were surprised to learn that he was only 21. He’s an intelligent individual who’s extremely driven to create the best experience for his users. We worked with him around the clock to optimize his game, and we’re proud of what we were able to accomplish together.

We asked what inspired Oliver to create Flip Trickster, and he said he wanted to make a game that would be fun to play, even if there were no objectives. He continued, “I was heavily influenced by games such as Backflip Madness, which has a big fun factor even when you complete the game, but I felt that the controls could be made to feel more natural.”

Oliver envisioned making a career out of mobile game development from the start, but he realized quickly that “if you only focus on the career aspect and you start making games you don’t really want to make, they are not going to turn out very good.”

As to what Oliver will do with his $150,000 grand prize, here’s what he had to say: “I am going to get my own place and finally move out of my parents’ house. Maybe travel a bit. A bottle of champagne wouldn’t be too bad either.”

Congratulations again to Oliver! We look forward to working with him on future projects. If you haven’t already, download and play Flip Trickster on Android or iOS. And for more insights about how we took Flip Trickster to #1, be sure to read my interview with

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