MAX Moves Into In-App Bidding Open Beta on Facebook Audience Network

Jan 24, 2020

We’re excited to announce that we’re out of closed beta and LIVE with app bidding on Facebook Audience Network! Last year, we started in alpha and added Facebook Audience Network as a key bidder on MAX’s in-app bidding platform. We then moved to closed beta, and now, we are pleased to share that we have finished closed beta and moved into “open beta.” In open beta, bidding with Facebook Audience Network is automatically integrated into MAX, allowing developers to go live immediately, without the need for manual approval.

“Now, developers don’t have to wait to integrate with bidding with Facebook Audience Network. Once they go live with MAX, they can start utilizing bidding with Facebook Audience Network immediately and that means access to more revenue — faster,” said Idil Canal, General Manager of MAX, AppLovin.

“We’re thrilled that MAX can now help app developers and publishers access bidding with Facebook Audience Network in an even faster and more seamless way,” said Vijay Balan, Head of Publisher Solutions Partnerships, Facebook Audience Network. “Bidding helps publishers earn more for their inventory and frees up valuable time which ultimately enables them to spend more time building their businesses and delivering great experiences for people.” 

A core goal of MAX is to help developers get back to building games — and not worrying about their waterfall. With this automatic integration, developers are immediately able to leverage the benefits of having the largest bidding partner in the industry bid on their traffic via MAX. Developers can access in-app bidding at an even faster pace, launching with an optimized setup from the get-go with two of the biggest bidders in the market — AppLovin and Facebook Audience Network — and that can mean higher ARPDAU at launch. 

Developers are integrating in-app bidding and seeing the return. In-app bidding drives scale by increasing your ARPDAU and, in turn, your LTV — resulting in more time and revenue to acquire new users. Developers can move from manually optimizing their waterfall setup or placement creation and instead funnel more resources back into making great games. “(We) not only increased our product revenue, but it saved us a lot of operational costs, which allowed our team to refocus their energy on creating great games,” said Ke Sun, Vice President of Global Business, Yodo1 Games

Read how Yodo1 drove an immediate 12% ARPDAU increase on their hit game, Rodeo Stampede.

Developers can easily launch with an optimized setup with bidders from AppLovin, Facebook Audience Network, and other bidding-enabled networks — saving countless hours from setting up line items and negotiating price floors with each network. 

Already a MAX user? Head to your ad units page and select “specific ad units” to enable bidding with Facebook Audience Network.

Not a MAX user yet? Apply for MAX today!

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