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Ways to Stay Engaged With Customers After the Holidays

Katie Jansen
Jan 17, 2015
Image credit: denizen8, Flickr

The end of the holiday rush doesn’t have to mean the end of brand engagement with customers on mobile.

Recently, our CEO Adam Foroughi gave five tips for maintaining post holiday brand engagement in Entrepreneur. Today, I’ll add a sixth tip.

Go back and read the article in full if you haven’t already. It’s ok, we’ll wait…….

Back? Good, let’s review the first five before getting into the sixth.

1. Run a re-engagement ad campaign targeting your new users.
2. Make sure your email marketing is mobile-first.
3. Leverage push notifications. 
4. Deep link for a better experience.
5. Use promotions to encourage engagement.

And the sixth tip to keep the holiday mojo flowing into January and beyond?

6. Don’t wait to engage. It’s important to engage soon after the holidays to let your customers know you still remember them. Just to stay top of mind and show them you still care–you want a lasting relationship, not just a holiday fling. There are several tactics toward achieving this end.

  • Survey says… One way to stay engaged is to send your customers a short (2-3 question) survey about their experience and how you can make it better. But don’t just use this as an excuse for contacting them, be genuine and actually listen to their feedback.
  • Promote! Post holiday promotional sales are a dime a dozen–completely unremarkable. But giving returning customers personal discount codes for x% off purchase is another story. This type of promotion invites the customer to engage with your full inventory, rather than wade through bottom-of-the-barrell holiday themed clearance items.
  • Personalize it. Go one step further than just giving holiday customers a discount code, proactively suggest similar items to compliment their purchases. Give them the bespoke experience they’d expect from the local boutique shop. Mobile is the most personal platform and we have the technology to personalize these experiences at scale. Give your customers the most personal experience possible.

By following these tips, your brand can keep the good vibes from the holidays rolling well into the new year and beyond. Holiday relationships with customers don’t have to fizzle out before the new year. Instead, they can turn into fruitful, long lasting blessings with an abundance of LTV.



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