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5 Reasons Why You Should Be Testing CTV

Sep 13, 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital advertising, connected TV (CTV) has emerged as an effective performance channel for reaching your target audience. CTV is a powerful tool for amplifying mobile UA campaigns across both new and existing audiences, while related benefits of CTV such as dual screening and the CTV halo effect further strengthen the impact of marketing spend.

With the rise of CTV and OTT streaming options and the changing viewing habits of consumers, CTV advertising offers unique opportunities for marketers to connect with media consumers in a highly engaging and personalized way. 

CTV’s Effectiveness and Scale Empowers Savvy Marketers

To get an idea of why savvy marketers are investing in CTV, take a look at these compelling stats:

Why CTV Works

If you haven’t already considered testing CTV in your advertising strategy, here are five important reasons why you should.

1. Reach Multi-tasking Consumers on Multiple Screens

In today’s digital age, dual screening has become a common behavior among consumers – and a key marketing opportunity for digital advertisers. This practice involves using more than one screen simultaneously, such as watching TV while scrolling through a smartphone or tablet. CTV advertising allows you to leverage this trend by reaching consumers who are actively engaged with multiple screens. 

By syncing CTV ads with complementary content on viewers’ mobile devices, you can create a seamless and immersive advertising experience that captures their attention and drives engagement. Viewers who see ads while watching streaming programs are likely to use their phones to search for the product simultaneously or at a later time. Also, discount codes or promos that can be loaded on mobile right away are a great way to get users to engage before they even leave their couches. 

2. Leverage the CTV Halo Effect for Increased ROI

The CTV halo effect refers to the ability of CTV to amplify existing efforts in channels like paid search, social, and linear TV,  increasing the possibility of reaching and engaging with more users – in effect, casting a “halo” that impacts marketing strategies across multiple devices and platforms. 

As part of a holistic marketing campaign strategy, CTV works with other channels to create a whole that is much more powerful than the sum of its parts, and opens up extensive opportunities for cross-platform campaigns that allow marketers to reach and engage users across multiple touchpoints. 

3. Use CTV to Drive and Measure Incrementality

One of the significant advantages of CTV advertising is that it drives incrementality, helping you to both connect with previously untapped audiences and also measure the material lifts CTV is driving for your marketing campaigns.  

Better reach and lifts combined with actionable data and insights allows you to optimize your advertising, and make data-driven decisions to consistently hit your KPIs and achieve better ROI.

4. Use a Full-funnel Mindset to Measure CTV Impact

CTV advertising is not just about brand awareness; it can be a highly effective tool for full-funnel performance marketing. Whether your goal is to increase brand awareness, drive consideration, or boost conversion rates, CTV contributes to every stage of the customer journey. 

From high-impact video ads for upper-funnel objectives to interactive and clickable ads to drive lower-funnel activities, CTV can support your entire marketing funnel.

5. Apply Performance Pricing to Put Results First

Performance-based pricing is when the seller of ad inventory is paid based on actual performance (such as with CPI campaigns) vs. paying for impressions

CTV extends UA campaigns using performance-based pricing to reach users across devices, resulting in higher ROI. This performance model enables advertisers to streamline measurement and attribution to CTV, providing a much greater range of data and analytics compared to linear TV. This makes it easier to measure the impact of multi-screen campaigns and drive higher ROAS as you continue to cross-channel optimize performance.  

Now is the Time to Invest

Increasingly, CTV advertising is becoming an essential component of any successful marketing mix. From taking advantage of dual screening habits to measuring incrementality, supporting the full marketing funnel, precise audience targeting, and data-driven optimization, CTV offers a wealth of opportunities for savvy marketers. 

As consumer viewing habits continue to evolve, embracing CTV can help you stay ahead of the curve and connect with your audience in new and meaningful ways. 

Check out our latest report, How to Turn CTV into a Performance Channel for Growth, for detailed information and actionable insights!

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