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8+ Stats that Prove the Value of Mobile Coupons and Offers

Aimee Kessler Evans
Feb 22, 2024
8+ Stats that Prove the Value of Mobile Coupons and Offers

The shift towards mobile shopping has been undeniable over the past few years. A report by eMarketer predicts that by the end of this year, mobile commerce (m-commerce) sales are expected to reach an astounding $558.29 billion, accounting for 7.4% of total retail sales in the United States alone.

It’s not just about convenience. It’s about the deeply ingrained human behavior that draws us to rewards. The instant gratification of snagging a deal, earning points, or receiving cash back directly on a mobile device is a powerful motivator! Mobile coupons and incentives make m-commerce even more appealing — regardless of what consumers are shopping for. 

Here’s the proof: 

  • In 2022, the mobile coupon market was valued at $509.7 billion globally, and it’s projected to hit $1.6 trillion by 2030. In the US, the market was valued at $150.8 billion in 2022. The average American using digital coupons saves $1,465 every year, so you can see why they’re so popular. 
  • 48% of shoppers sought mobile coupons for groceries. According to Statista, nearly half of consumers surveyed looked for grocery coupons on mobile apps. 37% of shoppers looked for apparel/accessory coupons, while 28% were in search of technology deals. 

Leading categories in which consumers seek out coupons for on mobile apps in the United States in 2023

Statista chart: Leading categories in which consumers seek out coupons for on mobile apps in the United States in 2023
  • Almost a third of younger adult shoppers are using mobile coupons. In 2021, paper coupon use by those aged 18 to 34 (that’s older Gen Z and younger Gen Y) dropped to 46%, while online coupon use rose to 48% – and mobile coupon use to 33%. 
  • Among the older millennials, 58% prefer mobile coupons over paper coupons. To access and use mobile coupons, 41% of these digital natives prefer receiving a link in a text message. Just over 25% prefer to go through a mobile app, and 12% would use a mobile wallet.
  • App users want exclusive offers and loyalty programs. For a shopping app to truly stand out, it should provide perks and benefits that add real value. According to Scanbot, the features that resonate most include loyalty programs, appreciated by 63.4% of users, and exclusive offers, valued by 62.5%. 
  • Mobile coupons measurably drive purchase behavior. The numbers speak for themselves:
    • Online shoppers who use coupons spend 24% more than shoppers without coupons. 
    • About 30% of shoppers redeem digital coupons within a day of finding them, and 82% redeem them within a week. 
    • 39% of shoppers will buy a product sooner than planned if they have a coupon
    • Cart abandon issues? 87% of consumers reported that a discount would be the best motivation for them not to abandon a shopping cart. 
  • Retailers: Shopping apps have a positive impact. In 2021 alone, 61% of US consumers used an app from either a grocery store or a supercenter. A recent survey shows that:
    • 72% of consumers think that mobile apps make shopping easier
    • Among millennials, more than half (58%) use shopping apps more than the mobile web
    • 49% of shopping app users use apps to access discounts or special offers 
    • 37% of respondents will download a shopping app just to make a purchase
    • 71% of respondents who have used them said that they enjoy shopping on retail apps 
  • A good loyalty program drives in-store traffic. Retailers should note that 62% of U.S. mobile shoppers report that mobile loyalty programs increase their physical store visits.  Additionally, 58.7% of internet users cite earning rewards and loyalty points as a crucial aspect of their retail shopping experience.

These stats underscore the powerful role that mobile coupons, rewards, and discounts can play in motivating mobile shoppers, influencing their shopping behavior, preferences, and decision-making processes. By leveraging these insights, brands and retailers can gain a competitive advantage in m-commerce. 

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