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Advertising Week NY 2023: Key Event Takeaways

Doug Borghese
Nov 21, 2023
Adweek NYC 2023 recap

AppLovin was excited to be a part of Advertising Week NY 2023, an event showcasing a blend of innovation, insight, and interaction in digital advertising. As attendees from around the world connected and conversed about the latest trends in ads, AppLovin hosted an engaging panel and took part in some fun promotional activities. 

This blog takes you behind the scenes, diving into how AppLovin showed up alongside some other exciting brands at AdWeek NYC 2023.

High-fashion panel & podcast with Poshmark

Charlene Phan, Poshmark’s Director of Growth, spoke with AppLovin’s Senior Director of Global Non-Gaming Performance, Alex Li, about how artificial intelligence (AI) is changing how brands manage and scale their growth marketing operations. More specifically, they spoke about things like:

  • Campaigns are becoming easier and quicker to run by automating manual ops like ad creative generation
  • Hitting important KPIs more effectively through live “quick fix” campaign optimizations
  • More confidently experimenting with new incremental channels like CTV
  • How AppLovin solutions like AppDiscovery helped Poshmark leverage this technology and drive user growth

But this is just a high-level overview. To learn more about the tactical details and gain insight on leveraging AI for your growth marketing, you can listen to the full recording of this panel on Advertising Week’s Uncommon Thinking podcast.

Click here to listen!

A Super-Swingin’ AppLovin, Meta, and Wurl after-party

How better to unwind from a big conference day than with a lineup of signature cocktails, fantastic snacks, and 18 holes of mini golf? AppLovin, Meta, and CTV platform Wurl were excited to co-host Know Your Roll, a high-end afterparty at Swingers Golf.

Attendees partook in delicious street food and a variety of boozy beverages while putt-putting across this insane indoor mini golf course, dancing along to DJ-delivered beats and receiving custom, exclusive swag along the way. It was a night that we will never forget, and judging by the ~300 attendees that stuck with us until the following morning, we’re guessing they won’t either.  

High-design hydration

If you attended Advertising Week NY 2023 or any from previous years, you’ll know that there’s a lot to see, hear, and do at this massive event. With all that running around, we knew folks were going to need to stop and re-hydrate from time to time. That’s why we decided to create an eye-catching water station!

Featuring an animated video showcasing AppLovin’s solutions, attendees were able to grab an AppLovin-branded bottle and fill it at our water stations that were peppered around the conference floor. The bottles flew off the shelves as people stopped and met us throughout the day, and we were excited to share a word and a smile while they moved about the different exhibits.

Advertising Week NY 2023 and beyond

We want to thank our friends at Poshmark, Meta, and Advertising Week for partnering with us to make Advertising Week New York 2023 an exciting and memorable event. The world of digital advertising is constantly changing with each new cultural and technological shift. There is a lot to see, and a lot to learn, every single year that this event comes around. We thank you all for being a part of it all with us, and we can’t wait to see you in 2024.

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