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GDC 2024: Our Predictions for Mobile Developers

Doug Borghese
Mar 15, 2024
GDC 2024

The Game Developer’s Conference (GDC) is where aspiring and active game developers across all devices convene to learn and share industry insights, connect and collaborate, and tinker with some of the newest games and gaming technology. GDC 2024 is sure to be no exception; attendees will, of course, be abuzz about the current state of gaming, but they’ll also be looking to learn about what’s next.

In mobile gaming, things are prone to change very quickly. That makes sense, as the people playing mobile games are globally diverse and interests are always changing. For instance, between 2022 and 2023, YoY genre growth shifted from hypercasual and word games to simulation and team battle RPGs, and hybrid casual is rising up in the ranks for 2024. This means mobile developers hoping to become and stay profitable must keep their ears to the ground if they want to get more eyes on the screen.

Here are some predictions for what we think will be key focuses for the mobile gaming industry at GDC 2024. Oh, and if you’re around GDC, make sure to stop by and visit us at our DevSource cafe!

AI’s impact on mobile games

The discourse around AI has been nonstop lately, and this is no less true for AI in mobile games. It’s poised to change everything from how game content is created and how their stories are told, to how studios more efficiently launch ad creatives and acquire more valuable users. AI is sure to be one of the hottest topics in GDC 2024 speaking sessions.

Mobile game subscription models becoming more common

The benefits of subscription models for both players and developers are vast. These models allow developers to maintain a steady revenue and retain a loyal user base. For players, it offers premium gameplay experiences without the constant interruption of ads or the need to navigate through multiple in-app purchase offers.

Visiting AppLovin’s DevSource Cafe during GDC 2024 = free stuff

This one doesn’t really qualify as a prediction, as it is an absolute certainty: You’ll enjoy a break from expo commotion, free hot coffee, and a piece of swag that shows our appreciation for the mobile developer community if you visit AppLovin during GDC 2024 at our DevSource Cafe!

Stop by to take a load off, chat with our folks and fellow attendees, and perk up before heading back out onto the expo floor.

Augmented Reality (AR) innovations

AR continues to be a promising area for mobile game innovation. For players, it offers a whole new level of interaction and immersion, and with augmented reality in particular, a blending of real and gaming worlds. But AR technology is not just about gameplay; it’s also about developing new revenue streams and enhancing player engagement.

Cross-platform play rises in popularity as social gaming grows

Playing across PC, console, and mobile devices has never been more possible, and gamers are taking advantage. In fact, more than 50% of players are spending time on cross-platform titles, with new players accounting for 2x the number of experienced players. This is due in large part to the growing popularity of social gaming, with games having become, in many ways, the newest kind of social network.

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