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MAX and MoPub Teams Combine Expertise for Superior MAX Experience and Results

Idil Canal
Feb 15, 2022
MoPub and MAX teams combine expertisecombein

Our acquisition of MoPub sparked the integration of powerful new features into MAX. Along with those enhancements, we’ve also significantly grown our team and expertise. We’re pleased to welcome new members from MoPub’s client services team who bring with them a deep knowledge of app monetization and programmatic advertising. 

AppLovin was built on helping developers reach success through powerful technology solutions, and therefore working with and supporting them has always been a pillar of our business. As our business grows, we know we need to have the resources to maintain our customer-centric focus. Beyond their leadership in the monetization space, the MoPub team is known for building long-lasting partnerships centered around growth. Together, the combined MAX team maintains our developer-focused approach that prioritizes speed of delivery and dedication to delivering additional, powerful user acquisition and ad monetization tools for developers to scale their businesses.

The addition of these new team members has created a positive impact in three key ways: 

  • Our client services team has now doubled in size, ensuring that top industry experts are on hand to partner with developers and help them achieve the best possible results. 
  • We’ve launched the AppLovin Exchange (ALX), which is supported by the experienced team that formerly serviced the MoPub Marketplace, the leading mobile exchange for over a decade. ALX, with the support of this team, is a critical resource for mobile developers, delivering access to 60,000 apps and 150 buyers. This new team is on-hand to continue to grow the exchange, not only continuing to innovate the product, but also helping both demand and supply-side partners meet their goals quickly. 
  • We’ve added both the technology and an entire team to support native advertising. Native is a brand new format for AppLovin and incremental to our offering. Used more often with non-gaming apps, this flexible format is another way AppLovin is providing more tools for non-gaming developers as we continue to grow in our offerings to them. The MoPub team has a history of leading innovation for non-gaming app developers, and with the addition of this native-focused team, we have the capability to support all partners as they implement this powerful form of advertising. 

Everyone in client services — whether they’re new to AppLovin or have been with us for years — approaches partnerships with a “value add” mentality. When developers grow, we grow, and we are available 24/7 to help support and accelerate that growth.  We not only help with onboarding and technology, we partner with developers to help them grow their businesses by sharing best practices and practical advice. Our focus will always be on 360-degree growth, and because our solution yields them more revenue, developers can then invest more into their user acquisition and that mechanic is what can really allow businesses in this industry to take off. 

Together, the dedicated team from MoPub and MAX is unified to support all developers as they integrate and optimize MAX for their businesses. We’re fortunate to have them on board and excited that all our partners will benefit from their care and expertise. 


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