MAX Power Forward 3: Improving Business Operations

Doug Borghese
Jan 19, 2023

Welcome to our third installment of the MAX Power Forward series, where we’re showing you some of the new features we added to the MAX mediation platform to help publishers grow their businesses. Previously, we’ve shared  MAX feature updates that help your mobile business drive more incremental revenue and ensure great user experiences. In this installment, AppLovin’s Senior Director of Business Development — Cyril Cael — is showing us how MAX helps developers integrate monetization solutions more easily and make mediation management streamlined to ease business operations.

This gives developers time back to focus on creating and improving their apps and makes tedious manual changes much less frequent.

Monetize with more platforms

The platforms developers use to build their apps should never block their efforts to successfully scale a profitable business. That’s why MAX proudly supports more app development platforms than any other mediation provider in the industry, such as:

And has recently added:

This ensures developers have as many options available to them as possible to monetize their apps, regardless of what they’ve used to build them.

Validate integrations with certainty with Mediation Debugger

Catching technical issues within your network integrations early is vital to ensuring that all of your monetization levers are functioning properly. The MAX Mediation Debugger gives developers everything they need to build, test, and ship their app monetization setup quickly and validate everything is working with the utmost confidence.

Waterfall management made easy

While AppLovin is spearheading all things in-app bidding, we know well-balanced waterfalls are still important for our developers’ businesses. That is why MAX has updated its waterfall features to help our developers manage their waterfall setups with ease.

  • Developers can manage their waterfalls using a programmatic approach with MAX’s Ad Unit Manager API
  • With our waterfall segmentation feature, developers can set up waterfalls with price points specific to certain audience groupings based on their inherent value to maximize yield. Those segment-specific configurations can also be applied to future waterfall setups.
  • Waterfall cloning was introduced to further ease efforts on creating new waterfall configurations from scratch, enabling you to copy existing waterfalls’ settings to new waterfall setups. 

Deeper analysis with robust reporting tools

MAX has introduced more reporting features to help developers gain a deeper understanding of their monetization campaigns.

Our newest report provides deeper insights into DSP performance within the AppLovin Exchange (ALX), the industry’s leading real-time bidding exchange.

Additionally, all MAX reports can now be scheduled to automatically be delivered via email, which helps our developers save more time on receiving actionable data with their reports.

Streamline business operations, reinvest, and grow

We think Cyril said it best in this newest Power Forward video:

“Improved operational ease means more substantial attention given to what matters most: making and maintaining incredible apps for eager users. By integrating more dev platforms, implementing more efficient mediation testing, and automating and fine-tuning waterfall and reporting processes, app businesses are more prepared than ever to increase monetization, reinvest incremental revenue into UA, and create a 360° loop of growth.”

To see the rest of the MAX Power Forward series, visit our video library

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