App Developers – This is Your Secret Weapon for Massive Growth

Idil Canal
Jun 2, 2022

The mobile gaming market is a $93.2 billion industry with more than 2.2 billion players and has grown 7.3%  in the past year. With over 4.5 million apps in leading app stores and over 550 million downloads happening each day, gaming captures 72 percent of all app store spend and shows massive potential to be one of the largest industries in the world.

Since its launch, MAX has evolved from an in-app bidding-based tool to a full-stack monetization solution, saving developers countless hours through automation while providing UA solutions and a better user experience for their players through more relevant ads.

MAX brings efficiency to thousands of developers through tools and features that eliminate tedious work and drive exponential business growth.”

It has propelled in-app bidding’s double-digit adoption rate and ignited an industry-wide shift to embrace automation where bidding is the new normal. 

With MAX, AppLovin promises: 

  • The largest selection of bidders and networks for your supply
  • Over 100 DSPs bidding on your supply via the AppLovin Exchange (ALX), including access to premium demand like TTD, Twitter, Linkedin, and DV360
  • Time-saving automation, made flexible to fit your unique needs
  • An easy-to-integrate, easy-to-test, lightweight SDK
  • A holistic, 360-degree approach for growing ad revenue, including solutions for UA and engagement at an extra cost
  • Brand safety, with features such as ad review to centralize monitoring, risky content detection, and bad ad reporting

MAX currently supports 15+ in-app-bidders, which is more than any mediator in the industry. These include top demand sources like Facebook Audience Network and AppLovin, as well as bidders such as Vungle, InMobi, and AdColony.

MAX has paved the way and leads the pack

In-app bidding is just one way MAX is ahead of the curve. But MAX has also focused on building features to provide a full suite of exclusive tools to promote growth for developers. 

Ad Review, for example, gives developers unprecedented transparency and control over which ads their users see in their apps. 

Before Ad Review, developers could spend hours on their phones hunting for problematic ads mentioned in app store reviews. And after identifying the ads, they needed to determine which network they were from, take a screenshot, and then email the correct networks to request those ads be blocked.

With MAX, you can review unwanted creatives players have seen in your game and flag them in seconds. You can also create a watchlist to protect your players’ experiences.

Retention’s significant impact on lifetime value (LTV)

Retention is one of the most important KPIs for developers. With MAX’s built-in cohort reporting, developers can measure the impact from new game features and understand how waterfall A/B tests affect the games’ LTV

Developers need to take into account that users from different sources vary in quality, impact retention, and hold different LTVs. 

MAX’s Ad Unit Management API reduces the number of adjustments needed for LTV optimization. Similarly, developers can create ad units, build, update waterfalls, and create A/B tests all through an API, enabling them to invest their time in building compelling and exciting games.

MAX customers are enthusiastic

Developers of all sizes have increased their average revenue per daily active user (ARPDAU) by 15-30 percent. That means more money to spend on user acquisition (UA) and more time to focus on creating new chart-topping games.

We know that developers have sophisticated needs. One-dimensional solutions are no longer enough in today’s market. MAX is differentiated from all other solutions and far more powerful in creating new hits and growing your overall business

At AppLovin, our goal is to empower mobile app developers, and we are committed to finding new ways to help automate your monetization and grow your business.

Learn how MAX can save you time and money.

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