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Predictions: 2024 Brings New Ways to Engage and Win Users 

Jan 25, 2024
2024 Predictions - Mobile Advertising

AI wasn’t the only big news in 2023 – and our predictions for 2024 extend beyond algorithms and into the bigger digital picture. Our visionary team members expect to see significant changes across the industry in the year ahead, from the rise of mobile affiliate marketing to advertisers getting more creative with UA. Overall, the forecast calls for some exciting innovations juxtaposed with a deliberate and focused return to some important basics.

So, let’s get to it! Here’s what the experts from AppLovin forecast for 2024:

AI-driven personalization will help gaming developers create more engaging player experiences.

Daniel Tchernahovsky, VP of Global Business Development

The best way for gaming developers to increase long-term retention is to make their game or app feel like it’s designed especially for their players. AI helps by enabling the developer to segment users and customize game progression so it feels as if the game’s level of difficulty has been uniquely calibrated to a user. Segmentation can create custom experiences that feel unique to each user, which leads to more engagement – and that leads to more retention. We’re likely to see more of this application of AI – in gaming and beyond – to personalize app experiences and successfully retain users.

 – Daniel Tchernahovsky, VP of Global Business Development at AppLovin

Advertisers will build strong foundations in measurement that empower them to act quickly.

Andrey Kazakov, VP of Demand at AppLovin

Trends we see include advertisers going outside of mobile inventory like CTV to acquire users. We also see advertisers experimenting with web flows. Moreover, next year is going to further embrace advertisers’ ability to work with new partners and drive their growth by differentiating in a way that they get new users. 

Looking at a longer time horizon, in general, it is about building a foundation within companies that enables the advertiser to rapidly act to any changes. This means advertisers need to have a growth stack that empowers them to measure what they buy, so they know the exact performance across a variety of channels that are out there. They also need a process to expand their user acquisition channel portfolio so they can act and new additions to it and scale. A focus on foundation sets up businesses to succeed in any environment.

Andrey Kazakov, VP of Demand at AppLovin

Affiliate marketing will contribute substantially to the growth of M-commerce.

Simon Baptist, Director of Commerce Business at AppLovin

As the world awakens to the paramount importance of privacy and consent, affiliate marketers have and will continue to be torchbearers of trust. Among marketers, they possess an unparalleled connection with their audiences.

With the spotlight on first-party data strategy, data collaboration, and audience insights, it is affiliate marketers who wield the deepest understanding and historical collaboration with the brands they champion. We don’t need to hide affiliate marketing under the guise of partner marketing. Rather than rename it, I predict that in 2024 more people will be stepping forward to claim it.

We continue to see mobile increasingly dominate online shopping (54% of sales this Black Friday came from mobile, up 10% from just one year ago). This trendline will continue up and to the right. As marketers grapple with the convergence of paid advertising and owned media, it’s imperative that affiliate marketing continues to take center stage as its role in influencing the entire buyer’s journey cannot be understated. M-commerce will soar in 2024, and a large part of that will be thanks to the power of affiliate marketing.

Simon Baptist, Director of Commerce Business at AppLovin

There’s never been a dull moment in the world of mobile apps, and 2024 is already shaping up to be another year marked by exciting innovation. Marketers will be even better equipped to personalize experiences and reach key audiences as an expanded set of channels and powerful tools grow and gain traction. If you want to maximize your growth strategies in the year ahead, learn more about AppDiscovery, MAX, and Plus!

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