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The Way to UA: Multi-Campaign Strategy for App Growth

Doug Borghese
Feb 1, 2024
multi-campaign strategy

Innovation is crucial to ensure accelerated growth in mobile user acquisition (UA). AppDiscovery has been helping developers hit their UA goals for years, but its recent AI advancements have allowed our partners to achieve their goals with greater accuracy and speed on an exponentially larger scale while saving them valuable time. For app marketers, achieving their target Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) goals while diversifying revenue streams is a serious challenge. Learn how a Puzzle and Word game publisher leveraged AppDiscovery AI advancements to run a multi-campaign strategy that accelerated their app growth, and learn how you can find similar success. 

The Challenge: Achieve targeted and efficient UA without compromising profitability or established goals

Operating in a competitive market, a popular puzzle game publisher faced the increasingly complex task of profitably acquiring users while hitting their ROAS goals. Their apps typically had a revenue split leaning towards in-app advertising (IAA) over in-app purchases (IAP) of around 70/30, respectively. They wanted to balance out their revenue streams by finding more users who are most likely to be repeat players or who completed IAPs, so they partnered with AppDiscovery to acquire those kinds of users while never compromising existing profitability.

The Solution: Multi-campaign strategy in more markets

To address these challenges, the studio implemented a multi-pronged strategy to expand the reach and effectiveness of their UA campaigns on a global scale.

Multi-campaign strategy: Because AppDiscovery’s AI algorithm learns fast, they were immediately able to start running advanced campaign types while significantly accelerating campaign ramp-up time and enabling them to hit targets within a few days of launch. This approach broadened the reach of their campaign and engaged users with different, but complementary, retention and ROAS curves.

Expansion into New Geographies: Historically, they targeted a smaller set of regional markets, such as Tier 1 countries, to focus their UA efforts. To find new opportunities for scale in a saturated market, the publisher expanded their campaigns globally through a single campaign, successfully acquiring high-value users in over 15 new countries. They were able to access massive scale while hitting their targets, without the need to manage multiple geo-segmented campaigns with AppDiscovery. 

Localized and interactive creatives: Partnering with SparkLabs, AppLovin’s in-house creative team, they produced and localized playable ads, enabling them to tap into those new global markets more effectively. This approach provided a  more tailored ad experience in the respective markets leading to higher conversions. Because SparkLabs is a complimentary service to AppDiscovery customers, they were able to drive higher ROI.

The overall results

With AppDiscovery’s AI-enhanced UA and SparkLab’s creative support, the publisher was able to scale their campaign quickly and grow their base of in-app purchasers on a global scale with minimal waste and campaign oversight. Because the high costs associated with campaign ramp-up were eliminated, they immediately saw greater returns on their ad spend within a few days, enabling them to increase their campaign spending from $30K to $350k/month.


By remaining flexible in your advertising strategies and working monetization and UA in tandem, along with creating localized content and targeted campaigns, you can open new avenues for user acquisition and revenue growth that creates a cycle of limitless potential. To delve deeper into advanced targeting strategies and learn how to tailor them to your specific needs:

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