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How MondayOFF’s Be a pong Reached the Top of the App Store Charts

Jul 16, 2020

AppLovin Korea recently hosted a webinar called “How MondayOFF’s Be a pong reached the top of the App Store charts.” The event featured speakers from the Facebook Audience Network and MondayOFF and centered around MondayOFF’s strategies to success. 

Here are three main takeaways from the webinar.

1. Scaling through interstitials

Hyper-casual games by MondayOFF rely on interstitial ads for monetization. This makes up 80 percent of their total revenue.

When MondayOFF released an app called Gentle Sniper last year, rewarded video ads drove most of the revenue. They later switched the business model to include interstitials by collaborating with AppLovin. By repeating multiple A/B tests, they discovered the retention rate improved by 5 percent. More users played for longer periods and reached high-level stages. This enabled MondayOFF to further scale their business.

2. The importance of creatives

When MondayOFF first created ads for Be a pong, they thought if users watched video ads where players could not complete a stage after multiple tries, it would motivate them to want to play more. During this time, their  install per mille (IPM) was 10.

MondayOFF thought it would be impossible to scale with an IPM of 10, so they created an instructional video about classic beer pong rules. The video explained that players must drink a beer if they miss their shot. After integrating this video, their  IPM increased to 40.

Additionally, MondayOFF, which has an in-house creative team, used playable ads created by SparkLabs, AppLovin’s creative team. This collaboration helped further their IPM to 50.  

Be a pong creatives: Before (left) and after (right).

3. Saving time by integrating in-app bidding 

MondayOFF’s employees make it a point to research the latest technology, even if it’s not well-known in Korea. Staying on top of the latest tech has allowed them to integrate in-app bidding at an early stage and conduct preliminary tests.

MondayOFF’s CEO Dunkun Kang explains, “The dev team was able to spend more time on iterating and improving games, since MAX has a simple integration process that takes very little time.”

Kang takes care of user acquisition and monetization, so before integrating MAX, he recalls it wasn’t easy for him to manage complex waterfalls across various countries. However, after integrating MAX, he was able to save critical operational time through in-app bidding, and managing the monetization stack became easier. This allowed Dunkun to spend time concentrating on more important KPIs, for example. As a result, the company’s overall revenue increased. 

Currently, 50-70 percent of total revenue in MondayOFF’s newly released titles comes from in-app bidding partners.

Learn more about MAX or get inspired by AppLovin’s success stories.

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